5A and 10A Power Modules

National Semiconductor adds 5A & 10A power modules with low EMI to the SIMPLE SWITCHER® family

National Semiconductor LMZ Low EMI, 5A & 10A Power Modules National Semiconductor's SIMPLE SWITCHER® power modules are the first to drive up to 10A of output current and comply with the CISPR 22 (Class B) radiated and conducted electromagnetic interference (EMI) standard in industrial and communications infrastructure applications. National’s modules include new features for current sharing and frequency synchronization. For high-current intermediate rail and FPGA applications, multiple SIMPLE SWITCHER modules can be placed in parallel to achieve output currents from up to 60A. A synchronization pin enables the modules to operate at the same frequency, controlling switching noise in sensitive systems. They are pin-to-pin compatible with other family members.

  Features   Applications
  • Integrated shielded inductor
  • Simple PCB layout
  • Frequency synchronization input 650kHz to 950kHz (LMZ22005 & LMZ23605)
  • Fixed switching frequency 350kHz (LMZ12010)
  • Flexible startup sequencing using external soft-start, tracking and precision enable
  • Protection against inrush currents and faults such as input UVLO and output short circuit
  • -40°C to 125°C junction temperature range
  • Single exposed pad and standard pinout for easy mounting and manufacturing (LMZ12010 & LMZ23605)
  • Single exposed pad for easy mounting and manufacturing (LMZ22005)
  • Fast transient response for powering FPGAs and ASICs (LMZ22005 & LMZ23605)
  • Point of load conversions from 12V input rail (LMZ12010 & LMZ22005)
  • Point of load conversions from 12V and 24V input rail (LMZ23605)
  • Time critical projects
  • Space constrained / high thermal requirement applications
  • Negative output voltage applications

National Semiconductor
Part Number
Part Number
Output Current (A)
Input Voltage (V) Package  
   LMZ12010TZE/NOPB    LMZ12010TZE/NOPB-ND 10 6 to 20 TO-PMOD-11 LMZ12010 Datasheet
   LMZ12010TZ/NOPB    LMZ12010TZ/NOPB-ND
   LMZ12010EVAL/NOPB    LMZ12010EVAL/NOPB-ND 10A Evaluation Board for Power Module LMZ12010
   LMZ22005TZX/NOPB    LMZ22005TZX/NOPB-ND 5 6 to 20 TO-PMOD-7 LMZ22005 Datasheet
   LMZ22005TZ/NOPB    LMZ22005TZ/NOPB-ND
   LMZ22005EVAL/NOPB    LMZ22005EVAL/NOPB-ND 5A Evaluation Board for Power Module LMZ22005
   LMZ23605TZX/NOPB    LMZ23605TZX/NOPB-ND 5 6 to 36 TO-PMOD-7 LMZ23605 Datasheet
   LMZ23605TZ/NOPB    LMZ23605TZ/NOPB-ND
   LMZ23605EVAL/NOPB    LMZ23605EVAL/NOPB-ND 5A Evaluation Board for Power Module LMZ23605

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