LM3414/LM3414HV Buck LED Driver

National Semiconductor's 1A 60W common anode capable constant
current buck LED driver requires no external current sensing resistor

National Semiconductor - LM3414/LM3414HV Buck LED Driver National Semiconductor's LM3414 and LM3414HV are 1A 60W* common anode capable constant current buck LED drivers. They are exceptionally suitable to drive single string of 3W HBLED with up to 96% efficiency. They accept input voltages from 4.5VDC to 65VDC and deliver up to 1A average LED current with ±3% accuracy. The integrated low-side N-channel power MOSFET and current sensing element realizes simple and low component count circuitry, as no bootstrapping capacitors and external current sensing resistors are required. An external small-signal resistor to ground provides very fine LED current adjustment--analog dimming as well as thermal fold-back functions. Constant switching frequency operation eases EMI. No external loop compensation network is needed.  LM3414 Datasheet

*Thermal de-rating applies according to actual operation conditions

   Features    Applications
  • Support LED power up to 60W: 18x 3W HBLEDs
  • Requires no external current sensing resistor
  • ±3% LED current accuracy
  • Up to 96% efficiency
  • High contrast ratio
    (minimum dimming current pulse width <10 µS)
  • Integrated low-side N-channel MOSFET
  • Adjustable constant LED current from 350mA to 1000mA
  • Support analog dimming and thermal fold-back
  • Wide input voltage range:
    4.5V to 42V (LM3414)
    4.5V to 65V (LM3414HV)
  • Constant switching frequency adjustable from
    250kHz to 1000kHz
  • Thermal shutdown protection
  • Power enhanced ePSOP-8 or 3mm x 3mm LLP-8 package
  • High power LED driver
  • Architectural lighting, office troffer
  • Automotive lighting
  • MR-16 LED lamp
  • RoHS Compliant

*  Tube packaging
** Tape & Reel (TR-ND), Cut Tape (CT-ND), and custom Digi-Reel® (DKR-ND)
National Semiconductor
Part Number
Part Number
Voltage -
   *  LM3414MR/NOPB    LM3414MR/NOPB-ND 4.5V to 42V 8-SOIC, Exposed Pad
(0.154", 3.90mm Width)
LM3414 Datasheet
   *  LM3414HVMR/NOPB    LM3414HVMR/NOPB-ND 4.5V to 65V
  **  LM3414SD/NOPB    LM3414SD/NOPBTR-ND 4.5V to 42V 8-WFDFN
Exposed Pad
  **  LM3414HVSD/NOPB    LM3414HVSD/NOPBTR-ND 4.5V to 65V