DS99R124Q / DS99R421 5MHz - 43MHz Converters

National Semiconductor's DS99R124Q 18-bit Color FPD-Link II to FPD-Link /
DS99R421 FPD-Link LVDS to FPD-Link II LVDS

National Semiconductor DS99R124Q 5MHz-43MHz ConverterNational Semiconductor's DS99R124Q converts FPD-Link II to FPD-Link. It translates a high-speed serialized interface with an embedded clock over a single pair (FPD-Link II) to three LVDS data/control streams and one LVDS clock pair (FPD-Link). This serial bus scheme greatly eases system design by eliminating skew problems between clock and data, reduces the number of connector pins, reduces the interconnect size, weight, and cost, and overall, eases PCB layout. In addition, internal DC-balanced decoding is used to support AC-coupled interconnects.     DS99R124Q Datasheet

The DS99R421 converts a FPD-Link input with four non-DC-balanced LVDS (3 LVDS Data + LVDS Clock) plus three over-sampled low speed control bits into a single LVDS DC-balanced serial stream with embedded clock information. This single serial stream simplifies transferring the 24-bit bus over a single differential pair of PCB traces and cable by eliminating the skew problems between the three parallel LVDS data inputs and LVDS clock paths. It saves system cost by narrowing four LVDS pairs to one LVDS pair that in turn, reduce PCB layers, cable width, connector size, and pins.     DS99R421 Datasheet

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The DS99R124Q converter recovers the data (RGB) and control signals and extracts the clock from a serial stream (FPD-Link II). It is able to lock to the incoming data stream without the use of a training sequence or special SYNC patterns and does not require a reference clock. A link status (LOCK) output signal is provided. Adjustable input equalization of the serial input stream provides compensation for transmission medium losses of the cable and reduces the medium-induced deterministic jitter. EMI is minimized by the use of low voltage differential signaling, output state select feature, and additional output spread spectrum generation.

The DS99R421 incorporates a single serialized LVDS signal on the high-speed I/O. Embedded clock LVDS provides a low power and low noise environment for reliably transferring data over a serial transmission path. By optimizing the converter output edge rate for the operating frequency range EMI is further reduced. In addition the device features pre-emphasis to boost signals over longer distances using lossy cables. Internal DC-balanced encoding is used to support AC-coupled interconnects.

DS99R124Q Features
  • 5MHz to 43MHz support
    (140Mbps to 1.2Gbps serial link)
  • 4-channel (3 data + 1 clock) FPD-link LVDS outputs
  • 3 low-speed over-sampled LVCMOS outputs
  • AC-coupled STP interconnect up to 10m in length
  • Integrated input termination
  • @ Speed link BIST mode and reporting pin
  • Optional I2C compatible serial control bus
  • RGB666 + VS, HS, DE converted from 1 pair
  • Power down mode minimizes power dissipation
  • FAST random data lock; no reference clock required
  • Adjustable input receive equalization
  • LOCK (real time link status) reporting pin
  • Low EMI FPD-Link output
  • SSCG option for lower EMI
  • 1.8V or 3.3V compatible I/O interface
  • Automotive grade product: AEC-Q100 Grade 2 qualified
  • >8 kV HBM and ISO 10605 ESD rating

DS99R421 Features
  • 5MHz to 43MHz embedded clock and DC-balanced data transmission (21 total LVDS data bits plus 3 low speed LVCMOS data bits)
  • User adjustable pre-emphasis driving ability through external resistor on LVDS outputs and capable to drive up to 10 meters shielded twisted-pair cable
  • Supports AC-coupling data transmission
  • 100Ω integrated termination resistor at LVDS input
  • Power-down control
  • Available @SPEED BIST to DS90UR124 to validate link integrity
  • All LVCMOS inputs and control pins have internal pulldown
  • Schmitt trigger inputs on OS[2:0] to minimize metastable conditions.
  • Outputs tri-stated through DEN
  • On-chip filters for PLLs
  • Power supply range 3.3V ±10%
  • Automotive temperature range –40°C to +105°C
  • Greater than 8kV ESD tolerance
  • Meets ISO 10605 ESD and AEC-Q100 compliance

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 Available in Tape & Reel (TR-ND), Cut Tape (CT-ND), and custom Digi-Reel® (DKR-ND)
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National Semiconductor
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    18-bit color FPD-link II to FPD-Link
    FPD-link LVDS to FPD-link II LVDS