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OLED SmartSwitch™ Rocker Switch

OLED SmartSwitch™ Rocker Switch

NKK Switches and Digi-Key offer OLED rocker switch with internal display

NKK's OLED 96 x 64 Rocker is a programmable module that provides high reliability and long mechanical and electrical life. This all-in-one rocker switch with integrated pushbutton and display allows users to scroll up and down with the rocker to select, and then push for activation. The OLED technology allows a 180° viewing angle with high contrast and clarity and a wide temperature range of -20°C to +70°C.

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Features & Applications

Features Applications
  • Organic LED technology in display rocker
  • Multifunction programmable device
  • Replaces multiple switches and displays with one device in a small package
  • Broad display aids in navigation
  • Wide viewing angle (180°)
  • Commands and data supplied by serial communications protocol (SPI)


OLED Specifications
Display device Single color OLED display
Display mode Passive matrix
Display operating life 52,000 hrs (30% brightness)
Operating temperature -20°C through +70°C (-4°F through +158°F)
Storage temperature -25°C through +80°C (-13°F through +176°F)

OLED Rocker Switch Specifications
Circuit SP3T (momentary) Pixel format 96 x 64 pixels
Contact resistance 200mΩ maximum Display module Monochrome OLED
Dielectric strength 250VAC for 1 minute minimum Mechanical endurance 1,000,000 operations minimum
Electrical endurance 1,000,000 operations minimum Operating force 6.0N at center of cap
Total travel 1.4mm (.055") Electrical capacity 3VA maximum DC
Pixel size 0.16mm x 0.177mm (H x V) Insulation resistance 500MΩ minimum @ 250VDC

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Digi-Key P/N Vendor P/N Description
360-2367-ND IS18WWC1W SWITCH ROCKER MONOCHROME OLED OLED SmartSwitch Rocker Datasheet