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Single Lamp CCFL Modules

Microsemi and Digi-Key introduce new and improved single lamp CCFL modules for TFT LCD displays

New and improved lines of single lamp CCFL modules are available, which are optimized to drive a wide variety of TFT LCD displays ranging from 4in to 12in. Microsemi's new series will replace and enhance the current offerings identified by part numbers LXMG1617 and LXMG1618.
Single Lamp CCFL Modules with Sensor Board
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Single Lamp CCFL Modules

Microsemi's new "A Series" modules are designed as higher performance near drop-in replacements for those customers and applications currently using the LXMG1617 and LXMG1618 inverters. Offered in both a wide dimming version (LXMG1617A) and a standard dimming version (LXMG1618A), the A Series incorporates the newer highly integrated LX1691B CCFL backlight controller to provide a wider dimming range (typically 100:1+) and a wider temperature range (-30°C to 80°C) compared to the existing solutions. The modules include a dimming input that permits brightness control from a DC voltage source, a PWM signal or an external potentiometer (universal dimming input). The patented "burst drive" that energizes the lamp (RangeMax™) was designed to ensure that no premature lamp degradation occurs, while allowing significant power savings at lower dim levels. Since the parts are designed to be a drop in upgraded replacement of the previous solution, the physical dimensions have been kept the same as the original modules.

The LXMG181X Series, available in a 5V and 12V input type, is an enhanced offering to run single lamp CCFL displays. It integrates the latest, most intelligent and efficient Microsemi CCFL ICs. The customer will benefit from a wider input voltage range (VIN) at fully regulated lamp current and an enhanced lamp driving capability. Fewer part numbers will be needed to drive an extended list of displays, which greatly simplifies the customer supply change and minimizes the need of re-qualification and redesign. The biggest advantage of the LXMG181X Series lies in its availability in a ready and easy to use kit (VEasyLIT™ Kit). The customer can order the inverter and a light sensor board (LXMG1800_LS), which can be hooked up to the inverter by simply joining the provided connectors.

Features & Applications

Features Applications
  • Smooth, flicker-free, full-range brightness control
  • Programmable output current allows the inverter to mate with a wide variety of LCD panel specifications
  • Output open-circuit voltage regulation minimizes corona discharge for high reliability and efficiency
  • Extremely simplified supply chain for distributors and integrators as well as end customers using multiple displays
  • Medical displays
  • Portable instrumentation
  • Industrial display control
    RoHS compliant


LXMG1800_LS Ambient Light Sensor Board Assembly The LXMG1800_LS Ambient Light Sensor Board Assembly provides a ‘plug-n-play’ automatic lamp dimming solution. It is designed to mate with Microsemi’s LXMG181X Series single lamp CCFL inverters. Using the included wire harness and connector, the LXMG1800_LS will plug into connector CN2 of the CCFL inverter and provide an automatic dimming solution based on ambient lighting conditions. This saves the time and effort needed to properly integrate this feature with an inverter. The board is designed to sense light through a hole in the bottom of the board assembly. Therefore, it can be easily flush mounted against the back of the display housing. Ambient light can then be directed to the sensor through a small hole in the display bezel, a panel mounted light pipe, or a transparent or translucent opening in the display housing.

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Series VLAMP(RMS) Typ IOLAMP(RMS) Operating Temp. Input Cable
LXMG1617A 325V - 735V 3.5mA - 8.0mA -30°C to +80°C LX9501G
LXMG1618A 325V - 735V 3.5mA - 8.0mA -30°C to +80°C
LXMG181X 280V - 790V 4mA - 7mA -30°C to +80°C
LXMG1800_LS -30°C to +80°C

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