IEEE 802.11 - Wi-Fi® Modules/Development Kit

Microchip's Wi-Fi PICtail allows the designer to quickly create a direct connection to the Internet

Microchip IEEE 802.11 - Wi-Fi® Microchip has added 802.11 wireless communications to its lineup of wireless technologies for the embedded market. Microchip has a Wi-Fi PICtail development board that adds 802.11 capabilities to Microchip’s development platforms for the PIC18, PIC24, PIC32, and dsPIC families of microcontrollers. The PICtail development board contains the MRF24WB0MA FCC and Wi-Fi certified module. The Wi-Fi PICtail allows a designer to quickly create a direct connection to the internet by seamlessly connecting to standard 802.11b/g access points. In managing the connection, the MRF24WB0MA module controls the MAC and baseband layers and is connected to the host MCU via an SPI port. The 8-, 16-, or 32-bit Microchip MCU that resides on the microchip development board controls the TCP/IP networking stack and runs the system application.

  • Compatible with PIC18, PIC24, PIC32, and dsPIC microcontrollers
  • IEEE 802.11b compliant wireless solution compatible with b/g/n routers
  • Supports infrastructure and Adhoc networks
  • MRF24WB0MA small footprint module integrated antenna, MAC, Baseband, RF, and power amplifier
  • MRF24WB0MA/B module is FCC, IC, Wi-Fi certified, and ROHS, CE, and ETSI compliant, providing considerable cost savings and quick time to market
  • License-free TCP/IP stack supporting standard suite of Internet protocols
  • Built-in EZConfig application to facilitate network provisioning without a keyboard or display
  • RoHS Compliant
  • Built-in ZeroConf (Bonjour, Avahi) application to simplify human interaction
  • Supports WEP, WPA, and WPA2 security protocols on module
  • Solutions as simple as a single PIC plus WiFi module with power and passives

Digi-Key Part Number Microchip Part Number Antenna Connector  
MRF24WB0MA/RM-ND MRF24WB0MA/RM On-Board, Trace - built-in PCB antenna MRF24WB0MA/RM Datasheet
MRF24WB0MB/RM-ND MRF24WB0MB/RM U.FL - supports external antennas

Development Kit
Digi-Key Part Number Description Module Key Features  
AC164136-4-ND The Wi-Fi PICtail/PICtail Plus Daughter Board is a demonstration board for evaluating Wi-Fi connectivity using PIC microcontrollers and the MRF24WB0MA module. Supports low-power, low data-rate  •  Wi-Fi FCC (USA), IC (Canada), ETSI (Europe) Certified  • Integrated PCB Antenna with Simple four-wire SPI interface to PIC® microcontroller  •  
AC164136-4 Datasheet