MIC4223/4/5 Low-Side MOSFET Drivers

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Dual 4A, 4.5V to 18V, 15ns Switch Time, Low-Side MOSFET Drivers with Enable - Available at Digi-Key

Micrel, Inc.'s MIC4223, MIC4224, and MIC4225 are a family of a dual 4A, high-speed, low-side MOSFET drivers with logic-level driver enables. The devices are fabricated on Micrel's bipolar/CMOS/DMOS (BCD) process and operate from a 4.5V to 18V supply voltage. The devices parallel bipolar and CMOS output stage architecture provides high-current throughout the MOSFETs Miller region allowing the driver to sink and source 4A of peak current from a 12V supply and quickly charge and discharge a 2000pF load capacitance in under 15ns, while allowing the outputs to swing within 0.3V of VDD and 0.16V of ground.    MIC4223/4/5 Datasheet

  • 4.5V to 18V supply voltage operating range
  • High peak source/sink current
      -   ±3A at VDD = 8V
      -   ±4A at VDD = 12V
  • 15ns/15ns Rise and Fall times with 2000pF load
  • 25ns/35ns (Rising/Falling) input propagation delay
  • 20ns/45ns (Rising/Falling) enable propagation delay
  • Active-high driver enable inputs with 100kΩ pull-ups
  • CMOS and TTL logic input and enable thresholds independent of supply voltage
  • Driver input protection to -5V at -40mA
  • Output latch-up protection to >500mA reverse current
  • Industry standard pin out with two package options
      -   ePAD MSOP-8 ( q JA = 60°C/W)
      -   8-pin SOIC ( q JA = 120°C/W)
  • Available in dual-inverting (MIC4223), dual non-inverting (MIC4224) and complementary (MIC4225)
  • Dual output drive by paralleling channels
  • -40°C to +125°C operating junction temp. range
RoHS Compliant

Part Number
Part Number
Package Pin Out
MIC4223YM 576-3547-5-ND 8-SOIC (3.9mm Width) Dual Inverting 25ns 4A
MIC4223YMME 576-3548-5-ND 8-MSOP Exposed Pad, 8-HMSOP, 8-eMSOP Dual Inverting
MIC4224YM 576-3549-5-ND 8-SOIC (3.9mm Width) Dual Non-inverting
MIC4224YMME 576-3550-5-ND 8-MSOP Exposed Pad, 8-HMSOP, 8-eMSOP Dual Non-inverting
MIC4225YM 576-3551-5-ND 8-SOIC (3.9mm Width) Inverting + Non-inverting
MIC4225YMME 576-3552-5-ND 8-MSOP Exposed Pad, 8-HMSOP, 8-eMSOP Inverting + Non-inverting