MIC38150 Low-Dropout Regulator

HELDO™ 1.5A High Efficiency Low-Dropout Regulator - Available at Digi-Key

Click to Enlarge - MIC38150 Diagram Micrel, Inc.'s MIC38150 is a 1.5A continuous output current step down converter. This is a follow-on product in the new HELDO® (high efficiency low-dropout regulators) family that provides the benefits of an LDO with respect to ease of use, fast transient performance, high PSRR and low noise while offering the efficiency of a switching regulator. As output voltages move lower, the output noise and transient response of a switching regulator become an increasing challenge for designers.    MIC38150 Datasheet

  Features   Applications
  • Output current up to 1.5A
  • Input voltage range: 3.0V to 5.5V
  • Adjustable output voltage down to 1.0V
  • Output noise less than 5mV
  • Ultra fast transient performance
  • Unique switcher plus LDO architecture
  • Fully integrated MOSFET switches
  • Micro-power shutdown
  • Easy upgrade from LDO as power dissipation becomes an issue
  • Thermal shutdown and current limit protection
  • 4mm × 6mm × 0.9mm MLF® package
  • Point-of-load applications
  • Networking, server, industrial power
  • Wireless base-stations
  • Sensitive RF applications
RoHS Compliant

Part Number
Part Number
Packaging Current -
Voltage -
Voltage -
MIC38150HYHL TR 576-3533-2-ND Tape & Reel 1.5A 3V ~ 5.5V 1V ~ 5V 28-MLF®
576-3533-1-ND Cut Tape
576-3533-6-ND Digi-Reel®