MIC3003 FOM Management IC

MIC3003 FOM Management IC with Internal Calibration - Available at Digi-Key

Click to Enlarge - MIC3003 Diagram Micrel, Inc.'s MIC3003 is a fiber optic module controller that enables the implementation of sophisticated, hot-pluggable fiber optic transceivers with intelligent laser control and an internally calibrated Digital Diagnostic Monitoring Interface per SFF-8472. It essentially integrates all non-datapath functions of an SFP transceiver into a tiny (4mm x 4mm) MLF® package. It also works well as a microcontroller peripheral in transponders or 10Gbps transceivers. A highly configurable automatic power control (APC) circuit controls laser bias. Bias and modulation are temperature compensated using dual DACs, an on-chip temperature sensor, and NVRAM look-up tables. A programmable internal feedback resistor provides a wide dynamic range for the APC. Controlled laser turn-on facilitates hot plugging.     MIC3003 Datasheet

  • Extended temperature range
  • Alarms and warnings interrupt and TXFAULT masks
  • Capability to support up to four MIC3003 on one SMBus
  • APC or constant-current laser bias
  • Turbo mode for APC loop start-up and shorter laser turn on time
  • Supports multiple laser types and bias circuit topologies
  • Integrated digital temperature sensor
  • Temperature compensation of modulation, bias, bias fault and alarm thresholds via NVRAM look-up tables
  • NVRAM to support GBIC/SFP serial ID function
  • User writable EEPROM scratchpad
  • Reset signal compatible with some new systems requirements
  • Power-on hour meter
  • Diagnostic monitoring interface per SFF-8472
    • Monitors and reports critical parameters: temperature, bias current, TX and RX optical power, and supply voltage
    • S/W control and monitoring of TXFAULT, RXLOS, RATESELECT, and TXDISABLE
    • Internal or external calibration
    • EEPOT for adjusting RX power measurement
  • Interrupt capability
  • Extensive test and calibration features
  • 2-wire SMBus-compatible serial interface
  • SFP/SFP+ MSA and SFF-8472 compliant
  • 3.0V to 3.6V power supply range
  • 5V tolerant I/O
  • Available in (4mm x 4mm) 24-pin MLF® package

Part Number
Part Number
# of Channels Voltage - Supply Current - Supply Package
MIC3003GML 576-3562-5-ND 1 3V ~ 3.6V 2.3mA 24-MLF®