MIC2169B Buck Control IC

500kHz PWM Synchronous Buck Control IC - Available at Digi-Key

Click to Enlarge - MIC2169B Diagram Micrel, Inc.'s MIC2169B is a high-efficiency, simple to use 500kHz PWM synchronous buck control IC housed in a small MSOP-10 ePad package. It allows for compact DC/DC solutions with minimal external component count and cost. The device features high output driver capability to drive loads up to 30A. The MIC2169B operates from a 3V to 14.5V input, without the need of any additional bias voltage. The output voltage can be precisely regulated down to 0.8V. The adaptive all N-Channel MOSFET drive scheme allows efficiencies over 95% across a wide load range within the smallest possible printed circuit board space area.    MIC2169B Datasheet

  • 3V to 14.5V input voltage range
  • Adjustable output voltage down to 0.8V
  • 500kHz PWM operation
  • Up to 95% efficiency
  • Output pre-biased protection
  • Build-in 2.2Ω drivers to drive two N-channel MOSFETs
  • Adaptive gate drive increases efficiency
  • Simple voltage-mode PWM control with externally compensated
  • Short minimum ON time of 30ns allowing very low duty cycle
  • Fast transient response
  • Adjustable current limit senses high-side N-Channel MOSFET current
  • Hiccup mode short-circuit protection
  • No external current-sense resistor
  • Internal soft-start current source
  • Dual function COMP and EN pin allows low-power shutdown
  • Available in a small size 10-pin MSOP ePad package
RoHS Compliant

Part Number
Part Number
Frequency -
Voltage - Supply Package /
MIC2169BYMME 576-3545-5-ND 550kHz 92% 3V ~ 14.5V 10-MSOP, Micro10™,
10-uMAX, 10-uSOP