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High Speed Photocouplers

Lite-On Inc. High Speed Photocoupler

Lite-On, Inc. and Digi-Key offer diode-transistor photocouplers

These diode-transistor photocouplers from Lite-On, Inc. consist of an AlGaAs LED optically coupled to high speed photodetector transistors. Separate connections for the bias of the photodiode and output transistor collector increase the speed up to several times that of a conventional phototransistor photocoupler by reducing the capacitance of the base-collector.

Features Applications
  • Superior CMR: 10KV/us
  • Wide operating temperature range
  • 8 Pin DIP and SOIC packages, TTL compatible
  • RoHS compliance, halogen Free & NSL 2008 compliance
  • Safety approvals include UL, CAS and IEC/EN/DIN EN60747-5-2
  • Communication, computer and consumer products
  • Industrial networking, power line communications, motor control
  • Telecom PBX, telephone switching equipment, inverters, SSR
  • Medical equipment, fitness equipment, washing machines

Series Type Electrical Characteristics
Current Transfer Ratio Vcc
6N135 High Speed 1 MBd Transistor Output 7 ~ 50 @ IF = 16mA 4.5V 6N135/6N136 Datasheet
6N136 19 ~ 50 @ IF = 16mA
6N137 High Speed 10 MBd Logic Gate Output Logic Gate Output 7V Max 6N137 Datasheet
6N138 100 KBd Darlington Transistor Output Min 300 @ IF = 1.6mA 4.5V 6N138 Datasheet
6N139 Min 500 @ IF = 1.6mA