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Linear L2™ MOSFETs

IXYS and Digi-Key introduce a new class of rugged Power MOSFETs

IXYS Linear L2™ MOSFETs are distinguished as a new class of rugged Power MOSFETs tailored specifically for applications that require Power MOSFETs to operate in their current saturation region. These new devices feature low static drain to source on-resistances and provide unparalleled performance and reliability in controlled current output applications. Typical applications that benefit from this new class of extended FBSOA power MOSFETs include circuit breakers, current sources, programmable loads, power controllers, power regulators, motor control, power amplifiers and soft start applications. Linear L2™ MOSFETs

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In the linear mode, a power MOSFET is subjected to high thermo-electrical stress caused by the simultaneous occurrence of high drain voltage and current resulting in high power dissipation. IXYS has optimized the internal structure of these MOSFETs achieving an extended “forward bias safe operating area” (FBSOA) capability to overcome the limitations posed by conventional power MOSFETs operating in the current saturation region. This allows for a larger operating “window” as dictated by the power limitations of the device, resulting in improved ruggedness and reliability. These extended FBSOA Power MOSFETs are not intended for high speed switching applications.

IXYS provides a wide selection of extended FBSOA Linear L2™ Power MOSFETs. Drain source voltage ratings (Vds) include 250V, 500V, and 600V. Drain currents range from 15A to 90A. Package options include a variety of international standard packages. These package options include the TO-247, TO-220, TO-264, TO-3P, TO-268, SOT-227, and PLUS247. Other key attributes of the Linear L2 Power MOSFET family include avalanche capabilities and a guaranteed FBSOA at 75°C.

Features & Applications

Features Applications
  • Designed to sustain high power in linear mode operation
  • Low static drain to source on-resistances
  • Avalanche rated
  • Guaranteed FBSOA at 75°C
  • Improved over-all system reliability
  • Extended FBSOA for "wider operating window"
  • Improved energy efficiency and performance
  • Current sources
  • Circuit breakers
  • Soft start applications
  • Power amplifiers
  • Programmable loads
  • Power regulators
  • Motor control
  • Power controllers

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Digi-Key P/N Mfg P/N Mounting Type Package/Case
IXTH15N50L2-ND IXTH15N50L2 Through Hole TO-247 Datasheet
IXTH30N50L2-ND IXTH30N50L2 Through Hole TO-247 Datasheet
IXTH30N60L2-ND IXTH30N60L2 Through Hole TO-247 Datasheet
IXTH40N50L2-ND IXTH40N50L2 Through Hole TO-247 Datasheet
IXTK60N50L2-ND IXTK60N50L2 Through Hole TO-264 Datasheet
IXTK90N25L2-ND IXTK90N25L2 Through Hole TO-264 Datasheet
IXTP15N50L2-ND IXTP15N50L2 Through Hole TO-220 Datasheet
IXTQ30N60L2-ND IXTQ30N60L2 Through Hole TO-3P Datasheet
IXTQ40N50L2-ND IXTQ40N50L2 Through Hole TO-3P Datasheet
IXTX60N50L2-ND IXTX60N50L2 Through Hole PLUS 247 Datasheet
IXTX90N25L2-ND IXTX90N25L2 Through Hole PLUS 247 Datasheet
IXTQ30N50L2-ND IXTQ30N50L2 Through Hole TO-3P Datasheet
IXTT30N50L2-ND IXTT30N50L2 Surface Mount TO-268 Datasheet
IXTT30N60L2-ND IXTT30N60L2 Surface Mount TO-268 Datasheet
IXTT40N50L2-ND IXTT40N50L2 Surface Mount TO-268 Datasheet
IXTN60N50L2-ND IXTN60N50L2 Chassis Mount SOT-227B miniBLOC Datasheet
IXTN90N25L2-ND IXTN90N25L2 Chassis Mount SOT-227B miniBLOC Datasheet