XE164F - Microcontroller
16-Bit Single-Chip Real Time Signal Controller

Product ImageThe XE164 Series is a new 100-pin device family of the popular C166 microcontroller architecture. Based on the enhanced C166S V2 architecture, it outperforms existing 16-bit solutions. The XE164 is an improved and next generation representation of the full featured 16-bit single-chip CMOS Real Time Signal Controller with 32-bit performance.

High CPU performance combined with enhanced IO capabilities, flexible power management and new impressive peripherals such as Universal Serial Interface (USIC) make the XE164 the instrument of choice for demanding industrial applications such as Motor Control, Power Supplies, Transportation and Communication. Integration of external components such as integrated voltage regulator, EEPROM emulation with additional flash modules and various clock sources optimize system cost. The XE164 series is part of a family with 4 different PG-LQFP packages enabling high levels of system integration and scalability with a rich choice of devices.
Servo drives
Appliance motors
HVAC compressors and blowers
Stepper motors
Industrial pumps
Power supplies
  Pin Configuration
  Block Diagram
Digi-Key p/n Infineon p/n Program Memory Size RAM Size Number
of I /O
Speed Package  
SAF-XE164F-96F66LACINTR-ND SAF-XE164F-96F66L AC 768K x 8 64K x 8 75 66MHz 100-LQFP Datasheet Image
Digi-Key Part Numbers: TR-ND = Tape & Reel;  CT-ND = Cut Tape;  DKR-ND = Custom Qty with Leader/Trailer