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FWA 150 Series

The FWA 150 series is a compact, external switch mode power supply that offers an industry leading 5.5W/in³ power density and converter efficiencies up to 94%. This highly efficient power supply is ideal for feature-rich applications that demand compact size and high reliability. The FWA 150 offers lower internal heat dissipation leading to twice the lifetime expectation and lower operating costs. The power supply is smaller than many lower power units of this type and offers a high power density in a sealed enclosure without a fan. Designing in an Elpac Power System guarantees a highly efficient, highly reliable product.
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ICCNexergy FWA 150 Series

  • High Efficiency
  • High Power Density 5.4W/in³
  • Lifetime Expectation > 5 years
  • Hold-up Time > 25ms at full load
  • Energy Star Level V
  • EISA Compliant
  • CEC Compliant

Input Voltage 85 - 264VAC
100 - 240VAC Nominal
Input Frequency 47 - 63Hz
Input Current <2A rms
Inrush Current <37A at 230VAC cold start
Power Factor >0.97
Zero Load
Power Consumption
Touch Current/
Leakage Current
<150µA @ 132VAC @ 60Hz
<250µA @ 264VAC @ 60Hz
Output Voltage See table
Total Regulation +/-5%
Minimum Load No minimum load required
Start-Up Delay <1.5s
Hold-Up Time >25ms at any input voltage
Ripple & Noise <1% pk-pk**
Over Voltage Protection 110-135%
Over Temperature Protection Active - Recoverable; plus
Passive - Non Recoverable
Over Current Protection 120 - 180%
Short Circuit Protection Shutdown, auto-start
(hiccup mode)
**Ripple and noise measured with 20MHz bandwidth; 10µF tantalum capacitor in parallel with a 0.1µF ceramic capacitor.
Digi-Key Part Number Manufacturer P/N Output Voltage Output Current Peak Current² Total Regulation³
EPS449-ND FWA150012A-12B 12.0V 12.5A 15.0A ±5%
EPS450-ND FWA150015A-12B 15.0V 10.0A 12.0A ±5%
EPS451-ND FWA150018A-12B 18.0V 8.3A 10.0A ±5%
EPS452-ND FWA150024A-12B 24.0V 6.3A 7.5A ±5%
1) All models ship standard with US version input cable.
2) Maximum peak load (180W) lasting 500ms with a maximum 10% duty cycle.
3) Includes initial setting, line regulation, load regulation, and thermal drift.