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FLEX-14 Magnetic Reed Switches

Hamlin's Flex-14 reed switches ideally suited for signal switching applications

Hamlin - FLEX-14 Sub-miniature Hamlin, Inc.'s  sub-miniature, normally open magnetic reed switches are 14.00mm long with a 2.28mm diameter glass envelope. These switches also have longer than standard, flexible, and easily formed leads that are capable of switching 200Vdc at 10W. The devices have a sensitivity range 10-30 AT, high insulation resistance of 1010Ω minimum, and low contact resistance of less than 100mΩ. These switches are ideally suited to signal switching applications, reed relay, security, metering, limit sensing, and telecom applications as well as office equipment and household appliances.

Features Benefits
  • Subminiature normally open switch with 14.00mm x 2.28mm (0.551” x 0.090”) glass envelope
  • Longer than standard, easily formed leads
  • 1010Ω insulation resistance
  • Capable of switching up to 200Vdc
  • Maximum contact rating 10W
  • Available sensitivity range 10-30 AT
  • Hermetically sealed switch contacts are not effected by and have no effect on their external environment
  • Low, stable contact resistance
  • Soft leads enable reliable hand forming
  • Zero operating power required for contact closure
  • Fit and forget durability
  • Well suited to signal switching

  • Reed relaysRoHS Compliant
  • Security
  • Limit switching
  • Telecom
  • Office equipment
  • Household appliances

Digi-Key P/N Hamlin P/N Description Must Operate Datasheet
HE555-ND FLEX-14 10-15 SWITCH MAG REED SPST 10W 10-15AT 10 ~ 15AT Datasheet
HE556-ND FLEX-14 15-20 SWITCH MAG REED SPST 10W 15-20AT 15 ~ 20AT Datasheet
HE557-ND FLEX-14 20-25 SWITCH MAG REED SPST 10W 20-25AT 20 ~ 25AT Datasheet