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New Series 632 SMT Clock Oscillators

CTS and Digi-Key Introduce a New Series of HCMOS/TTL Clock Oscillators

The new 3.2mm x 2.5mm clock oscillator product family, designated by model 632, provides a small mechanical solution for applications with tight real-estate constraints while requiring high performance timing or signal to noise figure. Such applications may include but not limited to: Personal Optical Network (PON), USB (IEEE 1394), or IF L.O. (local oscillator within radio transceiver). CTS’s 632 series offers a miniature mechanical package solution while maintaining low jitter performance over wide frequency along with +/-50PPM frequency stability over commercial or industrial temperature ranges. In addition, it supports low operating voltages of 1.8VDC, 2.5VDC 2.8VDC, and 3.3VDC CTS 632 Clock Oscillators


  • Standard 3.2x2.5mm Surface Mount Footprint
  • HCMOS/TTL Compatible
  • Fundamental and 3RD Overtone Crystals
  • Frequency Range 1.0 – 75 MHz
  • Frequency Stability, ±50 ppm
  • +1.8Vdc,+2.5Vdc,+2.8Vdc,+3.3Vdc Operation
  • Operating Temperature to –10°C to +70°C
  • Output Enable Standard
RoHS Compliant
CTS Series 632 Diagram
Digi-Key Part NumberCTS Part NumberFrequencySupply VolageCurrent Supply
CTX736TR-ND632L3I010M0000010 MHz3.3V10mADatasheet
CTX737TR-ND632L3I020M0000020 MHz3.3V10mA
CTX738TR-ND632L3I040M0000040 MHz3.3V15mA
CTX739TR-ND632L3I048M0000048 MHz3.3V15mA
CTX740TR-ND632L3I025M0000025 MHz3.3V15mA
CTX741TR-ND 632L3I050M0000050 MHz3.3V15mA