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Schottky Bridges

Comchip's Schottky Bridge Series are designed to exceed the energy efficiency required in POE application while saving PCB space. The low forward voltage drop Schottky bridges improve rectification efficiency by 25% , and compact footprint of the Mini-DIP/TO-269AA package saves 50% of PCB space compared to 4 individual Schottky in SMA package.

Full wave bridge rectifiers are availabel in 1 amp low forward voltage drop (low Vf) and 2 amp versions. Voltage offering are 40V, 60V, and 100V.
Schottky Bridge
In addition to using the Schottky bridge rectifier, the powered device is coupled with a TVS diodes (TV04A580J-G or SMAJ58A) for surge protection across the rectified output so any impulse are clamped before reaching the sensitive DC/DC converter.
Common POE applications for the Schottky Bridge Series are:
  • VoIP
  • Video Cameras
  • Retail Kiosk
  • Point-of-Sales devices
  • Card scanners
  • Security systems
  • Remote devices
  • Industrial automation tools & sensors
Digi-Key Part Number Comchip Part Number Description
641-1209-2-ND CDBHD1100L-G 1A, 100V, Low Vf
641-1210-2-ND CDBHD140L-G 1A, 40V, Low Vf
641-1211-2-ND CDBHD160L-G 1A, 60V, Low Vf
641-1212-2-ND CDBHD2100-G 2A, 100V
641-1213-2-ND CDBHD240-G 2A, 40V
641-1214-2-ND CDBHD260-G 2A, 60V