Super Low Forward-Voltage (VF) 1 Amp Schottky Diode

CDBA120SL Series (VF=0.31V @1A in DO-214AC package)

Product ImageComchip, a SMD Diode Specialist, is proud to offer a series of Low forward-voltage Schottky Diodes (LL and SL series). With a super low forward voltage (SL series) of 0.31V@1A, this Schottky diode is designed to save energy and to extend the battery life for today's high demand portable electronic devices such as digital camera, PDA, MP3 players, portable hard drive and hand held devices.     Dimensions
Comchip p/n Digi-Key p/n Packaging Voltage Current Rating VF @1A Package  
CDBA120SL-G 641-1255-2-ND Tape on Reel 20V 1A 0.31V DO-214AC (SMA) Datasheet Image
641-1255-1-ND Cut Tape
641-1255-6-ND Digi-Reel®
  Ideal for surface mount applications
  Easy pick and place
  Built-in strain relief
  Super low forward voltage drop
  Operating Temperature Range: -25 to +80°C
  Case: Molded plastic
  Epoxy: UL 94-0 rate flame retardant
  Metallurgically bonded construction
  Polarity: Color band denotes cathode end
  Mounting position: Any
  Weight: 0.063g