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T93 3/8" Square Multi-Turn Cermet Trimmers


Vishay and Digi-Key introduce multi-turn cermet for tightly packed PC boards

T93 3/8" Square Multi-Turn Cermet TrimmersThe Vishay/Sfernice T93 is a small-size trimmer with dimensions of just 3/8 in. by 3/8 in. by 3/16 in., making it an ideal solution for tightly packed PC boards. Designed for industrial applications, the T93 features a power rating of 0.5 W at 70°C, a resistance range of 10 Ω to 2.2 MΩ, and tolerance as low as 5%. Five versions are available, which differ by the position of the control screw in relation to the PC board plane and by the spacing of the terminals. Excellent operational stability is ensured by the use of a cermet element. Tested according to CECC 41 000, the T93 is lead (Pb)-free and RoHS-compliant.
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  • Industrial grade
  • 0.5 W at 70°C
  • Tests according to CECC 41 000
  • Contact resistance variation < 1%
  • Lead (Pb)-free and RoHS compliant
  • Various electrical travel
  • Top and side adjust versionsRoHS Compliant
  • Tube packaging

  • Package size – 10 mm
  • Grade – Industrial
  • Resistance range – 10 Ω to 2.2 MΩ
  • Standard tolerance – ±10%
  • Power rating – 0.5W at 70°C

Digi-Key P/N Vishay P/N Resistance Adjustment Type Tolerance
T93XA-100-ND T93XA101KT20 100 Ω Side Adjustment ±10%
T93XB-50K-ND T93XB503KT20 50.0 kΩ Side Adjustment ±10%
T93YA-10-ND T93YA100KT20 10.0 Ω Top Adjustment ±10%
T93YB-500K-ND T93YB504KT20 500 kΩ Top Adjustment ±10%
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