Vishay Siliconix PolarPAK® Power MOSFETs With Double-Sided Cooling

New Vishay Siliconix PolarPAK® Power MOSFETs with Double-Sided Cooling Offer On-Resistance Down to 1.9 Milliohms Maximum and Current Handling Up to 60A in 5mm by 6mm Footprint

Product Image The Vishay Siliconix SiE802DF and SiE800DF are the first two products in the innovative PolarPAK® package, which uses double-sided cooling to reduce thermal resistance, package resistance, and package inductance for a more efficient power MOSFET. The SiE802DF offers exceptionally low on-resistance of 1.9 milliohms maximum at a 10-V gate drive (2.6 milliohms maximum at 4.5V) and can handle current levels up to 60A. The SiE800DF features a very low typical gate charge Qg of 12 nC, with on-resistance of 7.2 milliohms maximum at 10V and 11.5 milliohms at 4.5V. Applications include voltage regulator modules in notebook and desktop PCs, and other systems requiring high-efficiency dc-to-dc conversion.

Part Number
Digi-Key Part Number
Tape & Reel
Digi-Key Part Number
Cut Tape
SiE800DF-T1-E3 SiE800DF-T1-E3TR-ND SiE800DF-T1-E3CT-ND 30 50 0.0060 Datasheet
SiE802DF-T1-E3 SiE802DF-T1-E3TR-ND SiE802DF-T1-E3CT-ND 30 60 0.0016 Datasheet