MFU Series SMD Chip Fuses

MFU Series SMD Chip Fuses

The new SMD chip fuse series MFU from Vishay is an over current protection device that avoids the risks of fire hazards caused by overload situations or short circuits on electronic devices, as well as enabling the engineering of low power electronics to design very small power circuits.

With a standard SMD size range of 0402, 0603, 0805, and 1206 and a rated current range of 0.5 A up to 6.3 A, the MFU series increases the safety level of electronic devices like cell phones, TFT-flat screens, notebooks, game consoles, DC/DC-inverters, control units, and motion control units. For circuits with higher requirements regarding miniaturization like cell phones or portable media players, the MFU 0402 offers the same electrical performance as the MFU 0603.

The homogeneous crystal structure of the metal layer has an important influence over the long-term stability, due to aging factors such as power dissipation or external high temperatures in combination with thermal cycles. To simultaneously improve control over the dimensions and crystal structure of the fuse element, Vishay Beyschlag MFU-series chip fuses are created using a thin film sputtering process. This process leverages precision chip resistor manufacturing knowledge and assembly capacity.

In addition, a special protective coating now raises the capability of MFU chip fuses to withstand harsh thermal shocks and wide-ranging humidity requirements.

UL-Recognition E253806
VDE-Approbation (MFU 0603, MFU 1206)
Advanced Thin-Film Technology
Very quick acting fusing characteristics (FF)
Outstanding stability of fusing characteristics
Standard SMD Chip Sizes: 0402 up to 1206
Rated current range: 0.5 A up to 6.3 A
Green product
Information technology
Industrial electronics
Automotive electronics
Medical equipment
Audio/video electronics

Fusing Characteristic Chart

Characteristics of SMD Thin Film Chip Fuses

The tight controlled thin film manufacturing process (sputtering) guarantees an outstanding stability of fusing characteristics together with small deviation of the pre-arcing times.

The chip fuses are lead (Pb)-free (category e3), the pure tin plating provides compatibility with lead (Pb)-free and lead-containing soldering processes. The immunity of the plating against tin whisker growth has been proven under extensive testing.

The MFU chip fuse series is the first chip fuse which covers the safety requirements out of the UL 248-14 and IEC 60127-4. The MFU chip fuse types MFU 0603 and MFU 1206 satisfy both the UL-Recognition and the VDE-Approbation according to IEC 60127-4. Complying to both safety standards will offer the opportunity to develop only one electronic design for the global market instead of two designs. The MFU series is suitable in applications for the American market (UL) as well as for applications designed for the rest of the world (IEC). And also in terms of costs of ownership both approvals of the MFU series reduce the costs of procurement, logistic, production and spare part supply.