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M34 and M35 Series Wet Tantalum Capacitors


Vishay Sprague and Digi-Key Offer the Industry's First Wet Tantalum Capacitors in
True Surface-Mountable, Molded Package.

Vishay Sprague's M34 and M35 series wet tantalum electrolytic chip capacitors incorporate the advantages of all the varieties of electrolytic capacitors and eliminate most of the disadvantages. The devices have a higher ripple current capability than other electrolytic types with similar combinations of capacitance and case size. In addition, the M35 features a 3V reverse voltage capability at +85°C.

Optimized for power supplies in all avionics, military, and space applications that currently use Vishay's ST -T1 (M34) or 135D-C/T1 (M35) case ratings, the devices' new surface-mountable case allows designers to eliminate the last through-hole component on their PCB, reducing overall PCB assembly cost.
Vishay Sprague M34 and M35 Series Wet Tantalum Capacitors

Features Applications
  • Molded, surface-mount design
  • Internal all-tantalum hermetic cell
  • Tin/lead or 100% tin (RoHS-compliant) terminations
  • All axial leaded SuperTan® "T1" case size ratings
  • Maximum capacitance ranges:
    • M34: 120µF / 25V to 10µF / 125V
    • M35: 220µF / 6V to 6.8µF / 125V
  • Power supplies
    • Avionics
    • Military
    • Space

Digi-Key P/N Vishay P/N Model Capacitance Voltage Rating at +85°C Datasheet
718-1696-ND M34C107K030BZSS M34 100µF 30V Vishay Sprague M34 Series Wet Tantalum Capacitors Datasheet
718-1697-ND M34C686K050BZSS M34 68µF 50V
718-1698-ND M34C476K060BZSS M34 47µF 60V
718-1699-ND M34C336K075BZSS M34 33µF 75V
718-1700-ND M34C156K100BZSS M34 15µF 100V
718-1701-ND M34C106K125BZSS M34 10µF 125V
718-1702-ND M35C106K050BZSS M35 10µF 50V Vishay Sprague M35 Series Wet Tantalum Capacitors Datasheet
718-1703-ND M35C336K050BZSS M35 33µF 50V
718-1704-ND M35C276K060BZSS M35 27µF 60V
718-1705-ND M35C226K075BZSS M35 22µF 75V
718-1706-ND M35C106K100BZSS M35 10µF 100V
718-1707-ND M35C685K125BZSS M35 6.8µF 125V