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D2TO35 35W Thick Film Power Resistors

Vishay's D2TO35 thick film resistors are non-inductive and provide a wide resistance range of 0.010Ω to 550kΩ

Vishay/Sfernice - D2TO35 35W Thick Film Power ResistorsVishay/Sfernice D2TO35 thick film resistors are non-inductive and provide a wide resistance range of 0.010Ω to 550kΩ. Packaged in the very small TO-263, which measures a mere 10.1mm by 10.4mm with a low 4.5mm profile, the resistors save valuable space on the circuit board, allowing designers to reduce the size of their end products.

The D2TO35 series is intended for power supply, current sensing, power conversion, high-speed switching, RF applications, pulse generation, load resistor, snubber, pulse-handling circuit, and amplifier applications in end products, including industrial welding machines, test equipment, UPS, locomotives, and base station systems.

Thermal resistance for the D2TO35 devices at 35W and 25°C is 4.28°C/W junction-to-case. The resistors feature a standard temperature coefficient of ±150ppm/°C at resistance values of ≥0.5Ω, with standard tolerances of ±1% to ±10%.

Connections for these resistors are tinned copper, and they are specified for operation over a -55°C to 175°C temperature range. The devices are RoHS-compliant and support soldering temperatures at 270°C.

  • Surface mounted resistor - TO-263 (D2PAK) style package
  • Wide resistance range from 0.01Ω to 550kΩ
  • Solder reflow secure at 270°C/10s
  • Compliant to RoHS directive 2002/95/EC
  • 35W at 25°C case temperatureRoHS Compliant
  • Resistor isolated from metal tab
  • Non inductive

  • Power supplies
  • Current sensing
  • Power conversion
  • High-speed switching
  • Snubbers
  • RF applications

Digi-Key P/N Vishay P/N Description Resistance (Ω) Datasheet
D2TO-.470A-ND D2TO035CR4700FTE3 RESISTOR .470 OHM 35W SMD DPAK 0.47 Datasheet
D2TO-2.20A-ND D2TO035C2R200FTE3 RESISTOR 2.20 OHM 35W SMD DPAK 2.20 Datasheet
D2TO-4.70A-ND D2TO035C4R700FTE3 RESISTOR 4.70 OHM 35W SMD DPAK 4.70 Datasheet
D2TO-15.0A-ND D2TO035C15R00FTE3 RESISTOR 15.0 OHM 35W SMD DPAK 15.0 Datasheet
D2TO-47.0A-ND D2TO035C47R00FTE3 RESISTOR 47.0 OHM 35W SMD DPAK 47.0 Datasheet
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