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TPS8267x High-Efficiency MicroSiP™ Step-Down Converters

At 6.7mm², Texas Instruments' smallest integrated 600mA plug-in power solution

TI's TPS8267x High-Efficiency MicroSiP™ Step-Down ConvertersTexas Instruments' TPS8267x is a 6.7mm² integrated plug-in power solution that provides 90mA/mm². The device combines all external components in TI’s new MicroSiP™ package with a 1mm height, easing design for 600mA portable electronics such as smartphones. The TPS8267x operates at a very low 17µA quiescent current and achieves power efficiency of greater than 90% from an input voltage of 2.3V to 4.8V. A unique PWM frequency dithering feature reduces noise and improves performance in radio frequency-sensitive designs. The TPS8267x device is a complete 600mA, DC/DC step-down power supply intended for low-power applications. Included in the package are the switching regulator, inductor, and input/output capacitors. No additional components are required to finish the design.

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The TPS8267x is based on a high-frequency synchronous step-down DC/DC converter optimized for battery-powered portable applications. The MicroSiP™ DC/DC converter operates at a regulated 5.5MHz switching frequency and enters the power-save mode operation at light load currents to maintain high efficiency over the entire load current range.

The PFM mode extends the battery life by reducing the quiescent current to 17µA (typical) during light load operation. For noise-sensitive applications, the device has PWM spread spectrum capability providing a lower noise regulated output as well as low noise at the input. These features, combined with high PSRR and AC load regulation performance, make this device suitable to replace a linear regulator to obtain better power conversion efficiency.

  • 90% efficiency at 5.5MHz operation
  • 17µA quiescent current
  • Wide VIN range from 2.3V to 4.8V
  • 5.5MHz regulated frequency operation
  • Spread spectrum, PWM frequency dithering
  • Best in class load and line transient
  • ±2% total DC voltage accuracy
  • Automatic PFM/PWM mode switching
  • Low ripple light-load PFM mode
  • ≥35dB VIN PSRR (1kHz to 10kHz)
  • Internal soft start, 120µs startup time
  • Integrated active power-down sequencing (optional)
  • Current overload and thermal shutdown protection
  • Sub 1mm profile solution
  • Total solution size <6.7mm²

  • Cell phones
  • Smartphones
  • Digital TV applications
  • WLAN applications
  • GPS applications
  • Bluetooth™ applications
  • POL applications
RoHS Compliant

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Fully assembled and tested platform for evaluating the performance of the TPS82671 and TPS82675 high-frequency, synchronous, step-down DC/DC converters optimized for battery-powered portable applications
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