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Flexo® Super Duty Sleeving

Techflex's Flexo Super Duty is flexible for easy installation

Techflex's Flexo Super Duty (SD) is braided from .020" Nylon® 6-6 Polyamide monofilament. Heavy-duty and flexible, this sleeving is extremely versatile. Excellent durability makes SD ideal for a wide range of industrial applications and other jobs where high abrasion protection is needed.

Super Duty will outperform the competition's dual monofilament sleeving. SD is also more economical and easy to use. Cut cleanly with a hot knife to leave a neat, sealed end. Datasheet
Flexo® Super Duty

  • Extreme abrasion and cut resistance
  • Full coverage
  • Resists gasoline, UV, solvents, salt water, and chemicals
  • Custom lengths available
  • Braided from 20 mil nylon monofilament
  • Halogen free

Digi-Key P/N Manufacturer P/N Description
1030-1092-ND SDN0.25BK 1/4" SUPER DUTY BLACK 500'
1030-1093-ND SDN0.25BK100 1/4" SUPER DUTY BLACK 100'
1030-1094-ND SDN0.50BK 1/2" SUPER DUTY BLACK 250'
1030-1095-ND SDN0.50BK100 1/2" SUPER DUTY BLACK 100'
1030-1096-ND SDN0.75BK 3/4" SUPER DUTY BLACK 250'
1030-1097-ND SDN0.75BK50 3/4" SUPER DUTY BLACK 50'
1030-1098-ND SDN1.00BK 1" SUPER DUTY BLACK 250'
1030-1099-ND SDN1.00BK50 1" SUPER DUTY BLACK 50'
1030-1100-ND SDN1.25BK 1 1/4" SUPER DUTY BLACK 250'
1030-1101-ND SDN1.25BK50 1 1/4" SUPER DUTY BLACK 50'
1030-1102-ND SDN1.75BK 1 3/4" SUPER DUTY BLACK 100'
1030-1103-ND SDN1.75BK25 1 3/4" SUPER DUTY BLACK 25'