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Flexo® Wrap

Flexible control & management with easy on, easy off access

Techflex's Flexo® Wrap (FW) is an exclusive product engineered and manufactured by Techflex. FW provides the perfect solution to a wide variety of unique application challenges.

The color matched hook and loop closure provides for easy on and off installation, as well as instant and convenient access for harness break-outs and rework of any specific section along the entire length of the run. Combined with the expandable, open weave design, FW will conform to a wide variety of bundle diameters and will wrap around irregular shapes.

All grades of FW cut cleanly with a hot knife. Datasheet
Techflex Flexo Wrap

  • Heavy duty hook and loop closure for frequent access
  • Expands to fit over inline connectors and splices
  • Halogen free
  • Temperature range -94°F to 257°F
  • Melting temperature 482°F

Digi-Key P/N Manufacturer P/N Description
1030-1068-ND FWN0.75BK FLEXO WRAP 3/4" BLACK 100'
1030-1069-ND FWN0.75BK25 FLEXO WRAP 3/4" BLACK 25'
1030-1070-ND FWN1.25BK FLEXO WRAP 1 1/4" BLACK 100'
1030-1071-ND FWN1.25BK25 FLEXO WRAP 1 1/4" BLACK 25'
1030-1072-ND FWN2.00BK FLEXO WRAP 2" BLACK 100'
1030-1073-ND FWN2.00BK25 FLEXO WRAP 2" BLACK 25'