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TE Connectivity introduces the all new NEVALO SSL System

The future of lighting is upon us. It's called SSL. Solid State Lighting is expected to grow to more than half of all residential and commercial fixtures in the next few years. Tackling new designs and converting your existing luminaires and fixtures to SSL requires new technology and new expertise. The NEVALO SSL System is designed to facilitate the transition from traditional light sources to new electronic LED lighting fixtures.

The new NEVALO SSL System from TE Connectivity is designed to move you into this new world quickly, efficiently and reliably. This highly-engineered state-of-the-art, plug-and-play system relieves you of the electronic and thermal engineering tasks so you can focus your resources on what you do best.


LED Module Types

Circular and linear form factors provide from 300 to over 3000 lumens in multiple correlated color temperatures (CCT).

Part Number TYP LLM Lumen (lm) (Includes Optics) LED Tc = 25 deg C TYP LLM Lumen (lm) (Includes Optics) LED Tc = 60 deg C LLM Dimensions LED Type Drive Current (mA) SSL System Budget TYP LLM Efficacy Tc= 25 deg C (l/w) Color Consistency (SDCM) CRI Beam Distribution Distribution Beam Angle
2154128‑1 500 450 24mm x 100mm Intematix (2 C1109D) 350mA 22 72 4 80 Wide Flood 110
1‑2154128‑1 610 540 24mm x 100mm Intematix (2 C1109D) 350mA 22 87 4 80 Wide Flood 110
2154159‑3 3060 2790 OD: 88mm H: 44.5mm Bridgelux RS 2100mA 30 57 4 82 Wide Flood 48
1‑2154159‑3 3420 3060 OD: 88mm H: 44.5mm Bridgelux RS 2100mA 30 63 4 80 Wide Flood 48
Part Number Description Primary Attributes
A101523-ND NEVALO CIRC 1000MA DEVELOP KIT 1050~1220 Lumens @ Tc=60C, 22~25 W, 1A
A101524-ND NEVALO CIRC CN58 700MA DEVEL KIT 900~1050 Lumens @ Tc=60C, 15~17 W, 700mA
A101525-ND NEVALO CIRC CN58 350MA DEVEL KIT 350~530 Lumens @ Tc=60C, 15W, 350mA
A101526-ND NEVALO CIR CN88 2100MA DEVEL KIT 2790 Lumens @ Tc=60C, 63W, 2.1A
A101522-ND NEVALO LN 350MA DEVELOPMENT KIT 1000 Lumens @ Tc=60C, 15W, 350mA

Drivers Types

NEVALO system drivers were developed with reliability and safety in mind. Controlled constant current power and thermal monitoring are designed to read the case temperature of the LED and shut down once it exceeds the maximum allowable heat. Mechanical keying on each driver head helps prevent over-driving and LED damage.

Part Number Color Code Drive Current (mA) Input Voltage Voltage Range (V) Power (W) SSL System Budget Control Dimensions (mm) l x w x h
2154092-1 Orange 350mA 108-132 VAC 8-25 10 8-25 Triac 159 x 59 x 28.7
2154095-1 Red 700mA 108-132 VAC 8-25 18 8-25 Triac 159 x 59 x 28.7
2154096-1 Green 1000mA 108-132 VAC 8-25 25 8-25 Triac 159 x 59 x 28.7
2154208-1 Blue 2100mA 90-305 VAC 18-36 75 18-36 Fixed 190 x 65 x 35

Optics Types

The NEVALO SSL system offers exchangeable optics to meet your space's lighting distribution needs.

Part Number Dimensions (OD) Number of LEDs Optic Type Beam Distribution Distribution Beam Angle
2154165-1 OD:58mm 4 TIR Spot 18
2154165-2 OD:58mm 4 TIR Narrow Flood 25
2154165-3 OD:58mm 4 TIR Flood 40
2154163-1 OD:58mm 6 TIR Spot 18
2154163-2 OD:58mm 6 TIR Narrow Flood 25
2154163-3 OD:58mm 6 TIR Flood 40
2154162-1 OD:58mm 7 TIR Spot 18
2154162-2 OD:58mm 7 TIR Narrow Flood 25
2154162-3 OD:58mm 7 TIR Flood 40
2154167-1 OD:88mm 1 Reflector Narrow Flood 28
2154167-2 OD:88mm 1 Reflector Wide Flood 48

Wiring Bus Types

The wiring system, comprising of the connectors and 4 wire ribbon cable, offers a plug and play connection to safely power and monitor the LEDs. Keyed and color coded to ensure proper connection that includes static and polarity protection for the LEDs. Simple crimp-on connections eliminates soldering and bundles of individual wires. Design a cable assembly for your application in minutes by selecting "Build a System" above.

Part Number Configuration Length Color Code Drive Current (mA)
2154172-1 STL to STR 300mm Orange 350mA
2154173-1 STL to FTL to FTL to TER 650mm Orange 350mA
2154175-1 STL to RAD 300mm Orange 350mA
2154243-1 STL to FTL to FTR to FTL to FTR to TER 1250mm Orange 350mA
2154172-3 STL to STR 300mm Red 700mA
2154175-3 STL to RAD 300mm Red 700mA
2154172-4 STL to STR 300mm Green 1000mA
2154175-4 STL to RAD 300mm Green 1000mA
2154172-6 STL to STR 300mm Blue 2100mA
2154175-6 STL to RAD 300mm Blue 2100mA

Connector Types

Straight, feed-thru and right angle connector configurations are color-coded to help confirm that only the appropriate drive and module are connected. Mechanical keying provides added assurance that your connector is helping prevent over-driving and LED damage.

Part Number Type Color Code Drive Current (mA)
2154018-1 STL (Straight, Left) Orange 350mA
2154018-3 STL (Straight, Left) Red 700mA
2154018-4 STL (Straight, Left) Green 1000mA
2154018-6 STL (Straight, Left) Blue 2100mA
1-2154018-1 STR (Straight, Right) Orange 350mA
1-2154018-3 STR (Straight, Right) Red 700mA
1-2154018-4 STR (Straight, Right) Green 1000mA
1-2154018-6 STR (Straight, Right) Blue 2100mA
2154009-1 FTL (Feed-Thru, Left) Orange 350mA
2154009-3 FTL (Feed-Thru, Left) Red 700mA
2154009-4 FTL (Feed-Thru, Left) Green 1000mA
2154009-6 FTL (Feed-Thru, Left) Blue 2100mA
1-2154009-1 FTR (Feed-Thru, Right) Orange 350mA
1-2154009-3 FTR (Feed-Thru, Right) Red 700mA
1-2154009-4 FTR (Feed-Thru, Right) Green 1000mA
1-2154009-6 FTR (Feed-Thru, Right) Blue 2100mA
2154150-1 RAD (Right Angle Down) Orange 350mA
2154150-3 RAD (Right Angle Down) Red 700mA
2154150-4 RAD (Right Angle Down) Green 1000mA
2154150-6 RAD (Right Angle Down) Blue 2100mA
2154014-1 TER (Terminator) N/A
Part Number Color Code Drive Current (mA)
2154027-1 Orange 350mA
2154027-3 Red 700mA
2154027-4 Green 1000mA
2154027-6 Blue 2100mA
Part Number  
2161090-1 The easy to use hand tool kit is for customers who prefer to make custom NEVALO systems cable assemblies in-house.

Heat Sink Types

Heat sinks designed to match the LED light module are available for your NEVALO SSL system.

Part Number   Heat Sink Dimensions
2154168-1 LN24x100 24 x 100 x 60mm
2154170-1 CN58 OD: 63.4mm H: 100mm
2154171-1 CN88 OD: 108mm H: 200mm
Part Number LLM Reference Part Number LED Type CCT Color Code Drive Current (mA)
2154210-1 2154196-x Cree (4 XP-g) 3000K Orange 350mA, Red 700mA, Green 1000mA
2154212-1 2154194-x Cree (6 XP-g) 3000K Orange 350mA, Red 700mA, Green 1000mA
2154213-1 2154193-x Cree (7 XP-g) 3000K Orange 350mA, Red 700mA, Green 1000mA
2154149-1 2154159-x Bridgelux RS 3000K Blue 2100mA
1-2154149-1 1-2154159-x Bridgelux RS 4000K Blue 2100mA
Part Number Thermal Test Instrument
2154265-1 Software, Breakout Box, Thermal & Communication Cables