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Elcon Power Products

ICCON connectors provide a reliable high current power interconnection

TE Connectivity Amp ICCON connectors use an ELCON CROWN Band contact, a multi-fingered spring that provides a greater surface contact area, thus ensuring a small millivolt drop, minimum heat generation and very low insertion and extraction forces. The optional locking feature provides minimum 5 lbs. (2.21kg) retention force to improve connection integrity, securing against accidental un-mating in harsh mechanical conditions. TE Connectivity/Amp Elcon Power Products

Applications Features
  • Power distribution
  • Board-to-board interconnection
  • Board-to-wire interconnection
  • High density power designs
  • Board stacking
  • Uses high-performance Crown contact
  • 35 A current rating
  • True compliant press-fit and solder tails
  • Pin locking feature option

Digi-Key P/N Manufacturer P/N Description
A101284-ND 2085181-1 CONN SOCKET 2POS RT ANG T/H Datasheet
A101285-ND 6643269-1 CONN SOCKET 1POS W/COMPLIANT PIN Datasheet
A101286-ND 6643271-1 CONN PIN 1POS W/COMPLIANT PIN Datasheet