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VLF3025 Series Magnetic Shielded Power Inductors

High-current, small footprint power inductors from TDK Corporation

TDK's VLF302510MT & VLF302512MT series power inductors provide high-current within a small foot print and low-profile magnetic shielded design. This new series has been developed through TDK's original winding configuration technologies and industry-leading ferrite material expertise.

VLF3025 Series Magnetic Shielded Power Inductors
RoHS Compliant | Eco-Love Product

VLF302510MT Series
Digi-Key P/N Manufacturer P/N Description Thickness Datasheet
445-6769-1-ND VLF302510MT-1R0N INDUCTOR POWER 1.0UH 2.0A SMD 1.00mm Datasheet
445-6770-1-ND VLF302510MT-1R5N INDUCTOR POWER 1.5UH 1.49A SMD
445-6771-1-ND VLF302510MT-2R2M INDUCTOR POWER 2.2UH 1.23A SMD
445-6772-1-ND VLF302510MT-3R3M INDUCTOR POWER 3.3UH 1.09A SMD
445-6773-1-ND VLF302510MT-4R7M INDUCTOR POWER 4.7UH .86A SMD
445-6774-1-ND VLF302510MT-6R8M INDUCTOR POWER 6.8UH .73A SMD
445-6775-1-ND VLF302510MT-100M INDUCTOR POWER 10UH .59A SMD
445-6776-1-ND VLF302510MT-150M INDUCTOR POWER 15UH .47A SMD
445-6777-1-ND VLF302510MT-220M INDUCTOR POWER 22UH .38A SMD
VLF302512MT Series
Digi-Key P/N Manufacturer P/N Description Thickness Datasheet
445-6778-1-ND VLF302512MT-1R0N INDUCTOR POWER 1.0UH 1.91A SMD 1.20mm Datasheet
445-6779-1-ND VLF302512MT-1R5N INDUCTOR POWER 1.5UH 1.67A SMD
445-6780-1-ND VLF302512MT-2R2M INDUCTOR POWER 2.2UH 1.26A SMD
445-6781-1-ND VLF302512MT-3R3M INDUCTOR POWER 3.3UH 1.08A SMD
445-6782-1-ND VLF302512MT-4R7M INDUCTOR POWER 4.7UH .97A SMD
445-6783-1-ND VLF302512MT-6R8M INDUCTOR POWER 6.8UH .78A SMD
445-6784-1-ND VLF302512MT-100M INDUCTOR POWER 10UH .62A SMD
445-6785-1-ND VLF302512MT-150M INDUCTOR POWER 15UH .51A SMD
445-6786-1-ND VLF302512MT-220M INDUCTOR POWER 22UH .43A SMD