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MR Series Current Sensing Resistors

Low resistance axial leaded CSRs from Stackpole Electronics

MR Series Molded Metal Element Stackpole Electronics' MR series is available in 1W, 3W, and 5W sizes with 1% and 5% tolerances standard. TCR's range from ±50ppm/°C to ±400ppm/°C and resistance values range from 0.005Ω to 0.3Ω.

Applications for the MR series include audio equipment, motor controls for a wide variety of market segments, security monitoring, access control, network and communications products as well as some non-established reliability military weapons and armament applications. Datasheet
  • Metal element resistors
  • Excellent load life stability
  • Inherently non-inductive
  • Tinned copper leads - 10lbs. pull
  • Low temperature coefficient
  • Molded bodies
  • Two or four terminals
  • High power to size ratio
RoHS Compliant
Digi-Key P/N Manufacturers P/N Description Resistance in Ohms
MR30.1FTR-ND MR 3 0.1 1% R RES CURRENT SENSE .1 OHM 3W 1% 0.10
MR30.02FTR-ND MR 3 0.02 1% R RES CURRENT SENSE .02 OHM 3W 1% 0.02
MR30.03FTR-ND MR 3 0.03 1% R RES CURRENT SENSE .03 OHM 3W 1% 0.03
MR30.05FTR-ND MR 3 0.05 1% R RES CURRENT SENSE .05 OHM 3W 1% 0.05
MR30.075FTR-ND MR 3 0.075 1% R RES CURRENT SENSE .075 OHM 3W 1% 0.075
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