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MPR Series Flameproof Metal Plate Resistors

Stackpole resistors feature small size, high power rotation, crimped radial leads

MPR Series Ceramic Housed Radial Lead Stackpole Electronics' MPR series resistors are encased in flameproof ceramic housings to protect the parts against accidental shorting. The radial leads are crimped, holding the body of the part to the board and minimizing the heat rise on the board.

Standard tolerances of the MPR series are 5% and 10% with a TCR of ±350ppm/°C. Applications include medium and high voltage electrical equipment for utility and industrial markets, power and motor controls, regulators, and high power/high performance audio equipment. Datasheet

  • Small size with high power ratio
  • Crimped leads keep circuit board temperatures cooler
  • Low inductance
  • Low resistance values
RoHS Compliant
Digi-Key P/N Manufacturers P/N Description Resistance in Ohms
MPR3JB20L0-ND MPR3JB20L0 RES .02 OHM 3W 5% RADIAL 0.02
MPR3JB30L0-ND MPR3JB30L0 RES .03 OHM 3W 5% RADIAL 0.03
MPR3JB25L0-ND MPR3JB25L0 RES .025 OHM 3W 5% RADIAL 0.025
MPR3JB75L0-ND MPR3JB75L0 RES .075 OHM 3W 5% RADIAL 0.075
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