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SURFTRIM® Surface Mount GKRP Series

Sprague Goodman's ceramic dielectric trimmer capacitors have a low mounting profile

Sprague Goodman - SURFTRIM® Surface Mount GKRP SeriesSprague Goodman's SURFTRIM® small, thin surface mount trimmers measure only 3.2 x 2.5 mm (0.125" x 0.098") with a height of less than 1.3 mm (0.051") above the mounting surface. A thin silicone coating for protection allows usage for assembly processes that include washing.

Four capacitance ranges are offered: 3.0 to 5pF, 3.0 to 10pF, 5.0 to 20pF. and 7.0 to 30pF. Q is 150 minimum at 1MHz. Temperature coefficient of capacitance is NPO ±500 ppm/°C for the two lower ranges and N750 ± 500 for the two higher ranges. Operating temperature range is -40°C to +85°C. Voltage rating is 25VDC, and dielectric withstanding voltage is 75VDC. Insulation resistance is 104MΩ minimum. Tuning torque is 10 to 150g-cm (0.14 - 2.08oz in).

Features Specifications
  • RoHS CompliantSealed for washability
  • Low mounting profile
  • Carrier and reel packaging standard
  • Self resonant frequency above 1GHz
  • NPO temperature coefficient (up to 10pF max)
  • Operating Temperature Range: –40°C to +85°C
  • Voltage Rating: 25VDC
  • Dielectric Withstanding Voltage: 75VDC
  • Insulation Resistance: 104MΩ min
  • Torque: 10 to 150g-cm (0.14 to 2.1oz-in)

Sprague P/N Digi-Key P/N Packaging Description Capacitance Datasheet
GKRP20066 SG2028CT-ND Cut Tape CAP TRM CER 3.2X2.5MM 5-20PF SMD 5 ~ 20pF Datasheet
SG2028TR-ND Tape & Reel
GKRP5R066 SG2026CT-ND Cut Tape CAP TRIM CER 3.2X2.5MM 3-5PF SMD 3 ~ 5pF Datasheet
SG2026TR-ND Tape & Reel
GKRP10066 SG2027CT-ND Cut Tape CAP TRM CER 3.2X2.5MM 3-10PF SMD 3 ~ 10pF Datasheet
SG2027TR-ND Tape & Reel
GKRP30066 SG2029CT-ND Cut Tape CAP TRM CER 3.2X2.5MM 7-30PF SMD 7 ~ 30pF Datasheet
SG2029TR-ND Tape & Reel


Sprague P/N Digi-Key P/N Description Tool Type Datasheet