GH04P21A2GE - Blue-Violet Laser Diode

Industry's Highest Power Level Enables High-Speed 6X Recording on
Next-Generation Dual-Layer DVDs

The GH04P21A2G makes full use of crystal growth technology developed for infrared, red, and blue-violet low-power laser diodes. In addition to a newly developed laser chip with a proprietary facet structure and a high power output of 210 mW that will contribute to high-speed recording for the next generation of DVDs, this current device also features a long service life of 10,000 hours, a level that leads the industry.

Digi-Key Part Number Sharp Part Number Wavelength Power (Watts) Package Datasheet
425-2697-ND GH04P21A2G 406nm 210mW 5.6mm Datasheet Image
  Wavelength: 406nm(Typ.)
  Optical power output:
    °   CW 105mW (Max)
    °   Pulse 210mW (Max)
  Φ5.6mm CAN package
  Blu-ray Disc/HD DVD drive
  Other new application
Outline Dimensions
Absolute Maximum Ratings
Sharp Image