2STAxx and 2STCxx Transistor Series

STMicroelectronics Power Bipolar Transistors for High-End Audio

Compromised performance in professional audio environments, such as recording studios, football stadiums or theaters, is not an option. For this reason, the middle- and high-end high-power audio amplifier market favors analog power design in the class A or AB topologies. STMicroelectronics' 2STCxx and 2STAxx bipolar families are tailored specifically for high-power audio amplifiers. Based on a new bipolar transistor-linear amplifier technology, the product range offers V(BR)CEO up to 250V, collector current up to 17A, and a complete variety of packages, including TO-3P, TO-3, and TO-264. STMicroelectronics 2STAxx and 2STCxx Transistor Series

  Features   Applications
  • Matched complementary pairs
  • Superior hFE linearity
  • Is/b ruggedness (SOA)
  • Transition frequency (fT) 20MHz to 30MHz
  • Tight hFE range
  • High DC current gain hFE=min 35 @ IC=7A
    RoHS Compliant
  • Home entertainment audio amplifiers
  • Professional audio amplifiers
  • Car boosters
  • Consumer electronics
  • Industrial applications

Part Number
Part Number
Voltage - Collector (Max) Current - Collector (IC) (Max) Power - Max Package
2ST5949 497-6953-ND 250V 17A 250W TO-204, TO-3
2ST2121 497-8739-ND 250V 17A 250W TO-3
2STC5200 497-7058-5-ND 230V 15A 150W TO-264
2STA1943 497-7055-5-ND 230V 15A 150W TO-264
2STC5949 497-6959-5-ND 250V 17A 220W TO-264
2STA2121 497-8741-5-ND 250V 17A 220W TO-264
2STC4467 497-6957-5-ND 120V 8A 80W TO-3P
2STA1694 497-6954-5-ND 120V 8A 80W TO-3P
2STC4468 497-7057-5-ND 140V 10A 100W TO-3P
2STA1695 497-7054-5-ND 140V 10A 100W TO-3P
2STC2510 497-6956-5-ND 100V 25A 125W TO-3P
2STA2510 497-6955-5-ND 100V 25A 125W TO-3P
2STC5242 497-7059-5-ND 230V 15A 150W TO-3P
2STA1962 497-7056-5-ND 230V 15A 150W TO-3P
2STC5948 497-6958-5-ND 250V 17A 200W TO-3P
2STA2120 497-8740-5-ND 250V 17A 200W TO-3P