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Level V External Power Supplies

SL Power Electronics releases global efficiency Level V & ErP2 products

SL Power Electronics introduces the CENB/MENB(T) product lines and offers over 400 models meeting the efficiency requirements of Level V & ErP2 for both domestic and international applications. This new single output series of supplies are grouped in 12 power levels covering from 10 to 220 watts and provide 5 V to 48 V models with class A or B input options. The 10/20/30 watt offerings are available in desktop or wall plug versions with interchangeable blades to meet country specific inlet requirements.

The part numbers with the CENB prefix are CE marked to low voltage directive and approved to ITE standards by safety agency regulatory bodies while MENB(T) part numbers have medical approvals and corresponding CE marking for worldwide applications.The CENB/MENB(T) product line is designed to meet the stringent EMC requirements in some of the smallest sizes available for external supplies. They have been HALT tested for durability and are offered with a three year warranty.
SL Power's Level V External Power Supplies

Digi-Key P/N Manufacturer P/N Description Datasheet
271-2676-ND MENT1220A2451F01 POWER SUPPLY MED SW 9.17A 24V Datasheet
271-2685-ND CENB1010A2403F01 PS EXT 12W AT .50A DESKTOP E-STAR Datasheet
271-2704-ND CENB1030A4803B01 PS EXT 32.1W AT .67A WALL E-STAR Datasheet
271-2744-ND MENB1020A0903F01 POWER SUPPLY SWITCHER 18W 9V Datasheet
271-2773-ND MENB1060A1203F01 POWER SUPPLY SWITCHER 60W 12V Datasheet
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