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RxS/RxD SMD-Miniature DC/DC Converters

RECOM's series 1W and 2W SMD miniature DC/DC converters are available with single or dual outputs

RECOM's R1S, R1D, and R2S Series have been are designed for fully automated manufacturing and are suitable for use with vapor phase soldering. These devices can withstand soldering temperatures of 245°C for the maximum 30 seconds as defined by the JEDEC STD-020C standard. Input voltages ranging from 3.3V up to 24V are standard as well as single or dual output voltages of between 3.3V to 24V or ±3.3V to ±24V. Therefore, these converters can be used as voltage isolators, dual-rail generators, and step-up or step-down converters. Two isolation grades are available: 1KVDC and 3KVDC. The latter grade makes them suitable for medical applications. A low weight of about 1 gram makes these converters particularly suitable for high vibration and mechanical shock environments. RxS/RxD SMD-Miniature DC/DC Converters

  • Simpler external class B filter design (40% cost reduction)
  • UL certified
  • High performance "Enclosed Open Frame" design
    • More reliable, withstands up to 30G vibration
    • Lower inrush current
    • Better thermal management
    • Low weight
  • RoHS 6/6 compatible replacement for RSS/RSD
  • -40°C to +100°C ambient, no derating
  • Up to +110°C ambient with derating
  • Designed for fully automated manufacture
    • Vapor-phase solderable
    • Pick and place compatible

PTM: Purpose of DC/DC Converters Product Training Module: Purpose of DC/DC Converters

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Digi-Key P/N Mfg. P/N Series Power Output Voltage Input
945-1007-1-ND R1D-0509-R R1D 1W ±9V 5V Datasheet
945-1008-1-ND R1D-0512-R R1D 1W ±12V 5V Datasheet
945-1009-1-ND R1D-0515-R R1D 1W ±15V 5V Datasheet
945-1010-1-ND R1D10-0515-R R1D 1W ±15V 5V Datasheet
945-1013-1-ND R1S-0505-R R1S 1W 5V 5V Datasheet
945-1014-1-ND R1S-0512-R R1S 1W 12V 5V Datasheet
945-1015-1-ND R1S-0515-R R1S 1W 15V 5V Datasheet
945-1016-1-ND R1S-1205-R R1S 1W 5V 12V Datasheet
945-1023-1-ND R2S-0505-R R2S 2W 5V 5V Datasheet
945-1024-1-ND R2S-1205-R R2S 2W 5V 12V Datasheet
945-1025-1-ND R2S-1212-R R2S 2W 12V 12V Datasheet
945-1026-1-ND R2S-2405-R R2S 2W 5V 24V Datasheet
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