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Audio IC - Ground Isolation Amplifier

ROHM’s ground isolation amps ideal for bandpass filters in car audio systems

ROHM’s BA3121F ground isolation amp eliminates the need for large capacitors. Additional features include high common mode rejection ratio, low noise, and low distortion. The IC is ideal for bandpass filters in car audio systems.

This IC efficiently eliminates problems caused by wiring resistance and removes noise generated by the electrical devices used in automobiles. The capacitance values of the external capacitors required for the IC are small and allow compact and reliable set design.
Ground Isolation Amplifier

Digi-Key P/N Manufacturer P/N Package Description  
BA3121F-E2 BA3121F-E2TR-ND Tape & Reel (TR) IC AMP AUDIO STER AB 8SOP High-Capacitance MLCC Datasheet
BA3121F-E2CT-ND Cut Tape (CT)
BA3121F-E2DKR-ND DigiReel®