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SMT Power Inductors

Pulse's SMT power inductors cover a range of inductance values from 10μH to 680μH

Pulse's P0250NL series of unshielded surface mount (SMT) drum core power inductors cover a range of inductance values from 10μH up to 680μH at currents from 720mA to 8.6A with an operating temperature range of -40°C to 130°C. While the unshielded drum core design is a lower cost technology, the larger energy storage allows it to support higher peak currents without saturation effects. Unshielded drum core inductors meet a broad range of applications where DC/DC converters and filtering applications are needed. Such applications include telecom equipment such as modems and mobile phones and consumer electronics such as game stations, PDAs, and digital cameras. Datasheet SMT Power Inductors

Digi-Key P/N Manufacturer P/N Description Current DC Resistance (DCR)
553-1508-1-ND P0250.103NLT INDUCTOR PWR UNSHIELD 10UH SMD 4.3A 31.00 mOhm Max
553-1509-1-ND P0250.104NLT INDUCTOR PWR UNSHIELD 100UH SMD 1.8A 190.0 mOhm Max
553-1510-1-ND P0250.154NLT INDUCTOR PWR UNSHIELD 150UH SMD 1.5A 250.0 mOhm Max
553-1511-1-ND P0250.222NLT INDUCTOR PWR UNSHIELD 2.2UH SMD 7.1A 14.00 mOhm Max
553-1512-1-ND P0250.223NLT INDUCTOR PWR UNSHIELD 22UH SMD 3.5A 47.00 mOhm Max
553-1513-1-ND P0250.333NLT INDUCTOR PWR UNSHIELD 33UH SMD 3A 66.00 mOhm Max
553-1514-1-ND P0250.334NLT INDUCTOR PWR UNSHIELD 330UH SMD 1A 560.0 mOhm Max
553-1515-1-ND P0250.473NLT INDUCTOR PWR UNSHIELD 47UH SMD 2.6A 86.00 mOhm Max
553-1516-1-ND P0250.683NLT INDUCTOR PWR UNSHIELD 68UH SMD 2.3A 130.0 mOhm Max
553-1517-1-ND P0250.684NLT INDUCTOR PWR UNSHIELD 680UH SMD 720mA 1.100 Ohm Max
Available in Tape & Reel (-2-ND), Cut Tape (-1-ND), and custom Digi-Reel® (-6-ND)