Toner Transfer System

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This unique device imparts VERY high pressure with heated rollers unlike other brands that use flat heater plates without any pressure to speak of - those types of laminators do not work at all. This unit performs like a multi-thousand dollar "hot roll" laminator at an affordable price. The trick to all of this is that the manufacturer (GBC) externally heats the rollers by radiating heat into the neopreme-coated rollers positioned from heaters positioned 180º away from where the rollers touch each other, (eg. one heater mounted above the top roller and one below the bottom roller). This amazingly simple engineering trick makes manufacturing of this device inexpensive yet performs like the very expensive (upwards of $2,000) internally heated, large format hot roll laminators.


Digi-Key Part Number
Mfg. Part Number
Product Information
Laminator PCB .032" 120VAC
Paper Toner Transfer, 10 Sheets
PCB S/S .032 in. 8" x 10" Panel
PCB D/S .032 in. 8" x 10" Panel