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ZM7300 Series Converters

Bel Power Solutions converters for use with regulated bus converters in an Intermediate Bus Architecture (IBA)

Bel Power Solutions point-of-load converters are recommended for use with regulated bus converters in an Intermediate Bus Architecture (IBA). The ZM7300 is a fully programmable digital power manager that utilizes the industry-standard I²C communication bus interface to control, manage, program, and monitor up to 32 Z-series POL converters and 4 independent power devices. The ZM7300 eliminates the need for external components for power management and programming and monitoring of the Z-One™ POL converters and other industry standard power and peripheral devices. Parameters of the ZM7300 are programmable via the I²C bus and can be changed by a user at any time during product development and deployment. ZM7300 Series Converters

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  • RoHS compliant for all six substances
  • Compatible with both lead-free and standard reflow processes
  • Programs, controls, and manages up to 32 independent Z-series POL converters via an industry standard I²C interface (both 100kHz and 400kHz)
  • JTAG IEEE 1149.1 compliant programming interface
  • Controls and monitors industry standard power supplies and other peripheral devices
  • Programs output voltage, protections, optimal voltage positioning, turn-on and turn-off delays and slew rates, switching frequency, interleave (phase shift), and feedback loop compensation of the Z-One™ POL converters
  • User-friendly GUI interface for programming, monitoring, and performance simulation
  • Wide industrial operating temperature range
  • AC Fail input
  • Four independent OK lines for flexible fault management and fast fault propagation
  • Run-time counter
  • Four interrupt inputs with programmable hot swap support capabilities
  • Intermediate bus voltage monitoring and protection
  • Non-volatile memory to store system configuration information and status data
  • 1kb of user accessible non-volatile memory
  • Control of industry standard DC/DC front ends
  • Crowbar output to trigger the optional crowbar protection
  • Hardware and software locks for data protection
  • Small footprint semiconductor industry standard QFN64 package


  • Low voltage, high-density systems utilizing Z-One™ digital intermediate bus architectures
  • Broadband, networking, optical, and wireless communications systems
  • Industrial computing, servers, and storage applications

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Digi-Key P/N Bel Power Solutions P/N Voltage Supply Description
179-2415-ND ZM7304G-65501-B1 3V ~ 3.6V IC DIGITAL PWR CONTROLLER 64QFN Datasheet
179-2418-ND ZM7332G-65504-B1 3V ~ 3.6V IC DIGITAL PWR CONTROLLER 64QFN