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DFC15U48S12 Converter

DFC15U48S12 converter from Bel Power Solutions features dual-output filter for low noise

Bel Power Solutions DFC15U48S12 DC/DC converter is designed to provide a wide range of PCB power solutions. Features include a dual-output filter for low noise as well as trim and remote On/Off features that give flexibility to designs. The output of the converter is electrically isolated, thereby allowing the output to be configured as a positive or negative output voltage. The ultra-wide input range, from 20 to 60 volts, allows use in many industrial and communication applications. DFC15U48S12 Converter

  • RoHS lead solder exemption compliant
  • Up to 15 watts output power
  • Efficiencies to 83%
  • Very low off current
  • 700V isolation
  • Dual-stage output filter
  • -40°C to +90°C operation
  • Ultra-wide range input (3:1)
  • Remote On/Off and trim

Digi-Key P/N Bel Power Solutions P/N Power Description
179-1028-ND DFC15U48S12 15W CONVERTER DC-DC 15W 48V/12V SGL Datasheet