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Space-Saving, High-Reliability Signal Relays

Panasonic Electric Works Signal RelaysPanasonic signal relays provide optimal solutions for low-level loads and meet small package requirements. Products such as the ultra-slim AGN and ultra-small flat AGQ fourth generation relays, which offer efficient circuit design and minimize required board space, are ideal for telecom and portable device applications. The popular compact T-Series relays are available in 2C and 4C, low profile, high capacity types and 1 and 2 coil latching. Panasonic Electric Works' newest signal relay is the TX-TH with 7.5A inrush current rating.


  • Compact slim body saves space
  • Outstanding surge resistance
  • High contact reliability
  • Increased package density
  • Outstanding vibration and shock resistance
  • Communications
  • Measurement
  • Security
  • Home appliances
  • Audio visual equipment
  • Automotive equipment
  • Medical equipment