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G2RV Industrial Slim Relays

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G2RV Industrial Slim RelaysThe G2RV relay meets the needs of manufacturers such as panel and machine builders looking to cut costs by reducing panel size. Its slim width allows modules to be downsized and the number of I/O lines to be increased while continuing to utilize a standard platform for a range of control loads, from a powerful 6A to an accurate 10 mA signal. Relay and socket are sold as a combination, with relays available separately for maintenance purposes.

Reinforced Terminals - G2RV incorporates a reinforced QC style terminal avoiding the tendency to bend during replacement. In addition, the larger quick connect surface ensures a more reliable connection between socket and relay.

Visible Indication - The G2RV relay features two indicators: a mechanical indicator and an LED indicator. This enables efficient and accurate confirmation of both correct relay function and actuation status.

Space Saving - Drawing on well over 50 years of experience with relays, Omron is now introducing the new G2RV industrial slim relay. With a width of only 6 mm, it offers a culmination of marrying space saving innovations with full featured reliability and performance.

Constructed to the Highest Standards - G2RV relays are built to Omron’s internal exacting quality and environmental standards. As is the norm for OMRON's electromechanical products, this relay system meets the relevant international standards, such as cCSAus, cULus, VDE, RoHS, and CE.


Details The World's First Industrial Slim Relay
  • Wiring
    • The G2RV also provides flexibility for wiring. The Bases in this new Relay Series are available with screw terminals or push-in terminals for wire connection. Choose the best connection method for the application.
  • Terminal Block-Type Module
    • With a width of only 6.1 mm, the G2RV meets essentially any FA application, particularly switching and expanding equipment and machinery. The G2RV is easily installed even under strict space limitations.
  • Stoppers and Levers
    • Easy-to-use stoppers and levers securely hold the Relays to the Base. They also enable easy removal of the Relays from the sockets. The stoppers and levers are also equipped with grooves to attach markers, which can be used to easily identify circuits.
  • Crossbars
    • P2RV Crossbars come in many variations for the number of poles and edge colors. They can be plugged into any of a total of four slots for I/O according to the application.
  • Large plug-in terminals for easy connection.
  • LED indicator and mechanical flag to check operation.
  • Transparent housing enables checking relay condition.
  • Slim outline to save space.
  • Push-in terminals and accessories for easy wiring.RoHS Compliant
G2RV Industrial Slim Relay


Screw- and Push-in terminals
Sockets are available for your choice of connection style: the more conventional Screw Terminal (Box Clamp) or the newer, simpler push-in technology (does not require the use of a special tool, thus further simplifying wiring and saving time).

Digi-Key P/N Omron P/N Termination Style Input Voltage
Z2530-ND G2RV-SL700 AC110 Screw Terminal 110 VAC
Z2531-ND G2RV-SL700 AC230 Screw Terminal 230VAC
Z2532-ND G2RV-SL700 AC/DC48 Screw Terminal 48 VAC/DC
Z2534-ND G2RV-SL700 DC12 Screw Terminal 12 VDC
Z2535-ND G2RV-SL700 DC24 Screw Terminal 24 VAC/DC
Z2554-ND G2RV-SL500 AC110 Push-In Terminals 110 VAC
Z2555-ND G2RV-SL500 AC230 Push-In Terminals 230 VAC
Z2556-ND G2RV-SL500 AC/DC48 Push-In Terminals 48 VAC/DC
Z2557-ND G2RV-SL500 AC/DC24 Push-In Terminals 24 VAC/DC
Z2558-ND G2RV-SL500 DC12 Push-In Terminals 12 VDC
Z2559-ND G2RV-SL500 DC24 Push-In Terminals 24 VAC/DC


  •   Output interface module to quickly connect a PLC to
      multiple G2RV sockets simultaneously and cost-effectively
  •   Cross bars in various colors and number of poles
  •   Identification labels in both alphanumerical and bar code

Digi-Key P/N Omron P/N Accessory Type Description Color
Z2669-ND P2RVC-8-O-F PLC Interface Connect 8 relays and PLC output  – 
Z2671-ND P2RVM-020R Cross Bar 2 poles Red
Z2674-ND P2RVM-020B Cross Bar 2 poles Black
Z2672-ND P2RVM-030R Cross Bar 3 poles Red
Z2675-ND P2RVM-030B Cross Bar 3 poles Black
Z2673-ND P2RVM-040R Cross Bar 4 poles Red
Z2676-ND P2RVM-040B Cross Bar 4 poles Black
Z2699-ND R99-16 FOR G2RV Label Plastic, for mounting on socket  –