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WV Series Heatsinks

Ohmite and Digi-Key offer unique heatsinks designed to enhance thermal management

WV Series Heatsinks Ohmite has launched a series of heatsink solutions for use with the popular TO-220 and TO-247 power resistors or similarly packaged semiconductors. These self aligning heatsinks feature solderable feet for through-hole placement and an integrated clip, which provides 13.2 lbf of force on the center of the resistor, enhancing thermal performance and reducing parts count and assembly time.

The major advantages of this design are the reduced cost and labor. The spring clips make mounting holes, screws and fasteners obsolete in the assembly process. The spring coil also provides superior performance under shock and vibration. Light weight and resilient, the spring clip can absorb energy as it locks the electronic component in place. Since no screw hole needs to be tapped, stray metal particles are eliminated along with the possibility of an accidental short circuit resulting from their presence.

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Digi-Key P/N Mfg. P/N Description
WV-T220-101E-ND WV-T220-101E HEATSINK AND CLIP FOR TO-220 WV Series Datasheet