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VFD Modules

Newhaven Display VFD Modules

Newhaven Display and Digi-Key introduce VFD Modules

Newhaven Display provides character Vacuum Fluorescent Displays (VFD) with LCD compatible sizes and interfaces.
  • Higher brightness than LCDs
  • Wider viewing angles
  • Wider temperature range
  • +5 V power supply
  • Power consumption similar to LCD with LED backlight
  • No backlights necessaryRoHS Compliant
  • LCD compatible
  • User definable fonts

Digi-Key P/N Manufacturer P/N Description  
M0116SD-161SDBR1-1-ND M0116SD-161SDBR1-1 MODULE VF CHAR 1X16 5.29MM Datasheet
M0216MD-162MDBR2-J-ND M0216MD-162MDBR2-J MODULE VF CHAR 2X16 9.22MM Datasheet
M0216SD-162SDAR2-1-ND M0216SD-162SDAR2-1 MODULE VF CHAR 2X16 5.34MM Datasheet
M0220MD-202MDAR1-3-ND M0220MD-202MDAR1-3 MODULE VF CHAR 2X20 8.95MM Datasheet
M0220SD-202SDAR1-ND M0220SD-202SDAR1 MODULE VF CHAR 2X20 5.34MM Datasheet
M0420SD-204MDAR1-C-ND M0420SD-204MDAR1-C MODULE VF CHAR 4X20 4.87MM Datasheet