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AA Series Analog Sensors

Versatile AA series sensors from NVE suitable for a wide range of applications

AA Series Analog SensorsNVE's AA series analog GMR and TMR sensors have high sensitivity, excellent temperature stability, low power consumption, and small size. Their unmatched versatility makes them an excellent choice for a wide range of analog sensing applications from rugged industrial and automotive position, speed, and current sensors to low voltage, battery-powered sensors for handheld instrumentation and implantable medical devices.

AA series sensors use NVE's patented spintronic materials to provide a directionally sensitive output. These sensors are sensitive in one direction in the plane of the IC with a cosine-scaled fall-off in sensitivity as the sensor is rotated away from the sensitive direction. These devices provide an omnipolar output that is the same output for magnetic fields in the positive or negative direction along the axis of sensitivity. All sensors use a temperature compensating Wheatstone bridge configuration. The sensors are offered in SOIC8 and MSOP8 packages and in die form by special order.


  • Excellent sensitivity to applied magnetic fields
  • Wheatstone Bridge Analog Output
  • Operating temperature to 125°C continuous
  • Wide linear range of operation
  • Near-zero voltage operation
  • DC to >1MHz frequency response
  • Small, low-profile surface mount packages


  • General motion, speed, and position sensing
  • Low power, low voltage applications
  • Low field sensing for magnetic media detection
  • Current sensing

Digi-Key P/N Manufacturer P/N Description Datasheet
391-1001-ND AA004-02 SENSORS MAGNETIC FIELD 8SOIC Datasheet
391-1002-ND AA005-02 SENSORS MAGNETIC FIELD 8SOIC Datasheet
391-1045-5-ND AA002-02E SENSORS MAGNETIC FIELD 8SOIC Datasheet
391-1046-5-ND AAH002-02E SENSORS MAGNETIC FIELD 8SOIC Datasheet
391-1047-5-ND AAL002-02E SENSORS MAGNETIC FIELD 8SOIC Datasheet
391-1048-5-ND AA003-02E SENSORS MAGNETIC FIELD 8SOIC Datasheet
391-1049-5-ND AA004-00E SENSORS MAGNETIC FIELD 8MSOP Datasheet
391-1050-5-ND AA004-02E SENSORS MAGNETIC FIELD 8SOIC Datasheet
391-1051-5-ND AAH004-00E SENSORS MAGNETIC FIELD MSOP8 Datasheet
391-1052-5-ND AA005-02E SENSORS MAGNETIC FIELD 8SOIC Datasheet
391-1054-5-ND AA006-02E SENSORS MAGNETIC FIELD LP 8-SOIC Datasheet

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