DS92LV3241 and DS92LV3242 Serializer/Deserializer

National Semiconductor DS92LV3241/42 Serializer and Deserializer

20-85MHz 32-bit channel Link II serializer and deserializer from National Semiconductor

National Semiconductor's DS92LV3241 (SER) serializes a 32-bit data bus into 2 or 4 (selectable) embedded clock LVDS serial channels for a data payload rate up to 2.72Gbps over cables such as CATx or backplanes FR-4 traces. The companion DS92LV3242 (DES) deserializes the 2 or 4 LVDS serial data channels, de-skews channel-to-channel delay variations, and converts the LVDS data stream back into a 32-bit LVCMOS parallel data bus.    DS92LV3241/42 Datasheet
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On-chip data randomization/scrambling and DC balance encoding and selectable serializer pre-emphasis ensure a robust, low-EMI transmission over longer lossy cables and backplanes. The deserializer automatically locks to incoming data without an external reference clock or special sync patterns, providing an easy “plug-and-lock” operation.

By embedding the clock in the data payload and including signal conditioning functions, the Channel-Link II SerDes devices reduce trace count, eliminate skew issues, simplify design effort, and lower cable/connector costs for a wide variety of video, control, and imaging applications. A built-in AT-SPEED BIST feature validates link integrity and may be used for system diagnostics.

  • Wide operating range embedded clock SER/DES
  • Up to 32-bit parallel LVCMOS data
  • 20 to 85MHz parallel clock
  • Up to 2.72Gbps application data payload
  • Selectable serial LVDS bus width
  • Dual lane mode (20 to 50MHz)
  • Quad lane mode (40 to 85MHz)
  • Simplified clocking architecture
  • No separate serial clock line
  • No reference clock required
  • No reference clock required
  • On-chip signal conditioning for robust serial connectivity

  • Transmit pre-emphasis
  • Data randomization
  • DC-balance encoding
  • Receive channel de-skew
  • Supports up to 10m CAT-5 at 2.7Gbps
  • Integrated LVDS terminations
  • Built-in AT-SPEED BIST for end-to-end system testing
  • AC-coupled interconnect for isolation and fault protection
  • > 4KV HBM ESD protection
  • Space-saving 64-pin TQFP package
  • Full industrial temperature range : -40° to +85°C

  • Industrial imaging (machine-vision) and control
  • Security and surveillance cameras and infrastructure
  • Medical imaging
  • Up to 30 bits per pixel, VGA to HD video transport and display

RoHS Compliant

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National Semi
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3.135V ~ 3.465V
64-TQFP, 64-VQFP
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