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CWS Series Molded Rocker Switches

NKK Switches and Digi-Key introduce low-cost, miniature, snap-in mounted rockers

NKK Switches' CWS Series of miniature, snap-in mounted rockers are offered in both SPST and DPST. These switches are ideally suited for commercial, medical, transportation, energy and test equipment.

The CWS series ensures high quality and reliability through stable stationary contact construction, polycarbonate housing and a polyamide actuator. Mechanical life is rated at 30,000 operations minimum and electrical life at 10,000 operations minimum with a resistive load as well as 6,000 operations minimum with an inductive load.

In addition to the low purchase cost of these switches, the front panel snap-in mounting feature ensures labor saving installation, making the CWS series an even more economically sound choice for design engineers.
CWS Series Molded Rocker Switches

Product Training Modules Switch Basics Illuminated Switches

  • Full face, neon illumination in choice of red, amber or green
  • CWSB - Neon lamp suited to 125VAC applications
  • 9A electrical capacity in compact body
  • Built-in resistor for direct connection to 100VAC power source
  • Front panel, snap-in mounting assures labor-saving installation
  • Single-break, snap-acting contact mechanism gives smooth actuation and audible feedback
  • Quick-make, quick-break characteristic limits arcing and prolongs electrical life
  • Stable stationary contact construction for high reliabilityRoHS Compliant
  • Offset terminal alignment gives outstanding insulation resistance and dielectric strength
  • Solder lug/.187" quick connect terminals can be used with connectors
  • CWSC - Bright LED illumination in Red, Amber, or Green

Digi-Key P/N NKK Switches P/N Circuit Color Datasheet
360-1720-ND CWSA11AANS SPST Datasheet
360-1721-ND CWSA11AAN1S SPST Datasheet
360-1722-ND CWSA11AAN2S SPST Datasheet
360-1724-ND CWSB11AA2F SPST Datasheet
360-1725-ND CWSB21AA1F DPST Datasheet
360-1726-ND CWSB21AA2F DPST Datasheet
360-1723-ND CWSB11AA1F SPST Datasheet
360-1728-ND CWSB21CACF DPST Red Datasheet
360-1729-ND CWSB21DADF DPST Amber Datasheet
360-1730-ND CWSB21FAFF DPST Green Datasheet