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ACA5-20RM Series True-rms-AC Ammeters with 5 Amp CT Inputs

ACA5-20RM series from Murata Power Solutions a perfect replacement for older, less reliable voltmeters and ammeters

ACA5-20RM Series AmmetersMurata Power Solutions' ACA5-20RM series ammeters accept the output of external 5A current transformers (CTs) and accurately display the true-rms value of complex, non-sinusoidal AC currents up to 500A. Operation and setup is straightforward. Simply pass the external 5A CT’s secondary 0 to 5A output leads through the ACA5-20RM’s onboard toroid sensor, apply AC power, and the ammeter is fully operational. All models are totally self-contained—other than the external 5A CT, no other user-supplied components are required. Three input ranges measure 0 to 100.0A (with 0.1A resolution), 0 to 200A (0.1A resolution), and 0 to 500A (1A resolution). Two power supply options are available, including 85 to 140V (47 to 63Hz), and 170 to 264V (47 to 63Hz). Power consumption from a nominal 120V
or 220V AC supply is less than 50mA. Additionally, precision auto-zeroing circuitry, super-stable components, and an rms-to-DC converter circuit combine to achieve excellent performance when measuring the complex, non-sinusoidal, AC currents found in today’s computer/telecom equipment.

ACA5-20RM series rms ammeters feature full-size, 0.37" (9.4mm) high, 3½ digit, bright red LED displays and a built-in bezel/filter assembly that features metal fasteners. They are also panel cutout compatible with Murata Power Solutions’ DMS-20RM series of rms-reading AC voltage monitors, making ACA5-20RM ammeters perfect replacements for older, less reliable, analog voltmeters and ammeters in today’s sophisticated instrumentation. Datasheet

  • Scales and displays the true-rms output of 5A current transformers
  • Accurately measures complex AC current waveforms
  • Perfect for measuring current in IT applications
  • Available in three input ranges: 0 to 100A, 0 to 200A, or 0 to 500A
  • Reliable single-board construction
  • 2000V isolation between AC supply and external CT
  • Functionally complete:
    • Onboard, low-burden toroid sensor
    • Scaling/interface circuitry
    • Precision A/D converter
  • Easy-to-read, red LED display with 0.37"/9.4mm digits
  • Two AC power options: 85-140VAC and 170 to 264VAC (50/60Hz)
  • Digital replacement for analog meters

Digi-Key P/N Murata P/N Description
811-1974-ND ACA5-20RM-3-AC3-RL-C AMMETER AC 100A 120VAC RED
811-1975-ND ACA5-20RM-3-AC4-RL-C AMMETER AC 100A 220VAC RED
811-1976-ND ACA5-20RM-5-AC3-RL-C AMMETER AC 200A 120VAC RED
811-1977-ND ACA5-20RM-5-AC4-RL-C AMMETER AC 200A 220VAC RED
811-1978-ND ACA5-20RM-9-AC3-RL-C AMMETER AC 500A 120VAC RED
811-1979-ND ACA5-20RM-9-AC4-RL-C AMMETER AC 500A 220VAC RED