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Design Kits and Repair Kits

Over 200+ Design Kits and Repair Kits now available at Digi-Key

Molex kits are available in many different variations including blind-mate, board to board, flex off the board, free hanging, heat shrink, high speed, high speed I/O, I/O, maintanence and operation, off the board, off the board and free hanging, off the board terminal block, power solutions, radio frequency, sealed, and signal kits. Molex Design Kits and Repair Kits

Features and Applications

 • Multiple variations available
 • Versatile product lines
 • Self aligning features
 • High speed capabilities
 • Space saving designs
 • Quick and easy configurations

 • Security Systems
 • Consumer
 • Military and broadcast
 • Equipment
 • Medical
 • Multimedia

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